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I need a link to the full mod. The one i downloaded from ModDB doesnt work properly. Thanks -

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Skull_Crusher 13mins ago says:
Dear Game maker,

I have some ideas, that would make Defcon even more enjoyable to play. These include; Spy satellites as well as radar. Although you may think this would ruin the secrecy of units placed. It would work if some or all of the following are applied. a1) Silo locations could be kept hidden underground until launches. a2) S.A.M. sites are separate from silos, as in real life. b) Radar range is reduced a bit. c) Satellites are made at high cost therefore inhibiting other military hardware. Satellites could be destroyed by space attack units/ weaponized satellites/ lasers?

Allowing navy units to access the Med, the red sea via suez and access through the panama canal, english channel, persian gulf etc. Also allowing navy units to access shallow water areas and subs going under polar ice.

Land Units, represented by a tank symbol. Although weak against nukes and radiation poison. Tanks can survive for a few weeks, after nuclear attacks in real life. I was told by a tank commander when I applied to join the army. The land units can have a time limit in zones that have high radiation. They can be deployed against enemy sites, such as radar. Thus the benefit of having spy satellites

Unique unit styles for different factions. Different capabilities for each faction/ tech tree.

Some kind of economy aspect, although this may stem over complexity. I personally enjoy enabling, unit credits in custom mode. As this gives individuality and more freedom of choice. As well as having up to 10 silos, instead of just 6. It would be cool to have a game, which one can build as many, or as little as one wishes. For those that prefer constructing to destruction. This would reflect reality more so. As some countries and people are more peaceful than others. It would also make diplomacy a more crucial aspect. Some kind of credit system, to my mind would probably be the simplest. Each faction has an economical value and an appropriate credit level accordingly. Population level?

More factions. Or even better, choice of individual countries. This would greatly enlarge the variety of the game and enable more advanced players to find new challenges. It would also allow for smaller/ quicker wars. For people that don't want to spend so much time playing 1 game. I just had another idea relating to this. One could choose a small country within a faction. For example Wales in Great Britain. That has self control but must operate as part of the faction. Faction leaders could thus delegate parts of their faction to other players. Perhaps allowing other factions to bribe or persuade them to rebel.

Different posts and ranks. One could play as an air force commander or navy, army general for e.g. Or as commander in chief/ president/ faction leader. Or first minister of a part of a faction in regards to my previous idea. What about a game where you can be a pilot, soldier, seaman? You can start as any rank you wish, or a rank can be purchased with game credits. (see my next idea). You then have to follow orders given by superior officers/ faction leader. Insubordination can be dealt with by court martial/ discharge. Ranks could be taken on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

Game Credits: These could be awarded for game results, purchased with money and even won by betting when spectating. You can then use the credits to purchase/ stylize factions. Or ranks within a faction. Thus better players will progress to better ranks. Newer players will have the benefit of being led by more experienced players. Look at how much money is spent on games like clash of clans. An ongoing version of defcon could be just as lucrative. Or some intermediary type of game like the one I have outlined. Which actually does have an end. The credit system I described, would add a huge dimension. New/ poor players can still be involved as the Rank system allows for this. They can then progress as they earn credits. Or are given credits according to their performance. As well as being given a welcome offer and other bonuses and promos. This is a win win win idea. The game makers gain from people spending their credits on their factions and ranks. The players gain from good performance and can bet against each other. They can even earn profits. The more they play and the better they perform. The game losers also gain as they still get credits for taking part/ points in game. Spectators can gain by betting on factions and they have to pay some credits to be able to spectate. So You, the game makers gain here as well.

I hope you like these ideas and I look forward to seeing them being produced. I wish I were a game maker as I have many ideas for lots of different games. Alas I am a mere ideas man. Good luck with your future productions. I wish you all the success you deserve for creating great entertainment. How would I go about becoming a game maker?

Many Thanks, Skull Crusher. michaelfarey26@gmail.com

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