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Time Travel

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Dear "Those who read my stuff,"
I feel as though most people think that Time Travel through a Time Machine is achievable, but in this post I will explain my reasoning for thinking that it is not achievable.
First, I need to address this one thing. I am not a hater, nor do I hate. If you don't like what I am posting, then you can simply just not read it.Now that that's out of the way, I can continue with my argument on Time Travel.
With time already gone by, I feel as though if you went back in time, nothing would change, for it would have already happened in the Present. Now, I know this sounds a bit sketchy, but come on! This is legit stuff I've actually thought about... don't judge me...
Having addressed this, I believe that you can go back in time, but if you were to try to change something, it wouldn't have any affect. Typing that now, I feel as though I've just proven myself wrong, but stay with me. I really have proven Time Travel wrong. You may be able to go back in time, but doing so, you will not change anything because time has been and never will be again.
Are we clear on this subject? Yes or No? You tell me if you think my argument is valid or invalid. Don't think that I know what some of you are going to do. You're going to find a picture of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis and tell me my argument is invalid, or something to that sense. I probably would too.
If you want to, you can tell me what to write about next in the comments! Thanks for your time and I will probably see you guys later.

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