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Engineer, programmer, artist and game developer. Check my site for more info.

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Latest tweets from @binarynonsense

I made a fan art illustration inspired by Baby Yoda / Grogu from The Mandalorian #2dart #digitalart #babyyodaT.co

Nov 28 2021

Watched this new Epic Online Services introduction Youtube.com. Still sounds promising and seems like t… T.co

Nov 26 2021

The weeCee seems like a pretty neat project. Quite expensive and with no 3d acceleration but I hope it's a first st… T.co

Nov 19 2021

I made a fan art illustration inspired by Terminator 2 #2dart #digitalart #terminator #sarahconnor #illustration T.co

Nov 17 2021

The videos from Valve's conference about the Steam Deck Youtube.com and a summary… T.co

Nov 17 2021

Updated color version of my Aliens fan art illustration #2dart #digitalart #aliens #ripley #illustration T.co

Nov 14 2021

I wish there were more of this kind of videos showing how different games solve specific design problems, I find th… T.co

Nov 13 2021

Color version of my A-team fan art illustration #2dart #digitalart #ateam #illustration T.co

Nov 13 2021

I made a fan art illustration inspired by The A-Team TV series #2dart #digitalart #ateam #illustration T.co

Nov 9 2021

Funny and impressively done "Jurassic Park with a Cat": Youtube.com And there's a detailed behind the s… T.co

Nov 8 2021