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The AMC TC: Episode Two

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I adore FPS. The genre as of late has been beyond lacking. Frankly, I'm proud to say that the AMC Episodes I and II take old school FPS action blending it with a plot akin to an 80s action movie. Lessons learned from modern FPS serve as a catalyst for this game. Download this game now and enjoy.

Level Design: Brilliant maze-like levels await you.

Weapons: A broad selection! All are fun.

Power-Up Placement: Good!

Enemy Placement: Challenging!

Story/Characters: You'll love them.

Gameplay: This is a remarkable game that you'll love. You'll even tell your friends about it and they'll play it too. God bless Stanfield, Sandt, & Company for making an incredible work of art!

Con: This game had some initial problems like menu trouble after aborting a mission, etc. James fixed that in a patch. So it has been remedied. It was a frustration at first, but no more.

Overall: Quit reading this review and download this game now.


Pounland Catland Wars 4

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