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im a gamer i love to play games like: zombie games, horror games, shooters etc... i also like mods wich is the reason im here so show me what you got :p valve and bungie rulez!!

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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one of the best and scariest horror games out there, five nights at freddys is a five nights at hell.
this game is made by a dev named scott Cawthon, he brought something fresh in the horror genre, you cant walk around and run from the monsters or defeat them, instead you need to check cameras to see where they are and if they are at your door then close it before they shove your ♥♥♥ into a freddy fazzbear costume, you have to make the nightshift from 12-6 am 5 days in a row without being caught or running out of power and yes the enemies are animatronics and they see you as one of them exept without a costume and thats against the rules at freddys fazzbears pizzeria and thats why they want to force you into a suit wich will kill you because of the devices inside the suit.

now then i have one question for you: do you dare to enter scotts twisted insanly demented haunted freddy fazzbears pizzeria, take the job, survive all nights and get your paycheck wich is 120 dolars?
or do you prefer to live and dont take the job and instead take a job to clean toilets?

well i can tell you this: it doesnt matter what you choose because always........be ready for freddy!

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