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Yo I'm bacon I'm 27 I like to play games, edit videos, photoshop. I was an ex Indie Dev, then an ex marketer for AstroBear Games and use to be an IT Tech for my own business.

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New website

Bacon28 Blog

So I've made a web site due to we are encouraged to make one to get our work out there in the world (being a 3D artist).

So if you have came on this page and reading this, feel free to check it out here


So wow there has to be at least 300 characters for me to post this.... well I dont really have much more to say...lets see if this is enough...

Okay well..

Bacon28 Blog

Well seeing as noone really gives a crap I havent been posting anything on here, plus I had forgotten my password but got it on the first go just then....weird...neways

Found out how to unwrap+wrap textures so did that today the game is slowly comming along, will upload a few pictures for anyone really interested just go here, ive been updating my shiz here Da-bacon-master.deviantart.com

What I did today at AIE

Bacon28 Blog

Okay so today all we did was added collectables, so I was done fairly quick (ive probably missed something so will end up getting fucked over in the long run) but I also fixed the level layout (making the gaps wider) also some sounds were added and collected oh and it also possible to double jump now to do the whole super jump thing xD. Will be uploading a video sometime later, trying to find out where to raise the audio levels xD

Game Progress

Bacon28 Blog

Okay so havent blogged for a while as I was a bit bummed with my game. I ran into a few problems and I dont know its a little hard to explain you just feel crap/dont enjoy it as much when you run into problems and havent got the slightest clue on how to fix it (wanting to fix it myself most of the time) instead of wasting the teachers time (though its not wasting its just how I feel/think) so fastford to tuesday (16/10/12) and everything is fixed and we have more or less created a very simple/basic game. With a shape that represents the character/player and then just the level itself (no enemys or traps/hazards or breakable objects or even a finish) but guessing today (18/10/12) we will start to add more things in such as the models that are going to be for the game (mines a cube as you will see as I will upload a video of it) but i mean such as cops (with textures and such) and the correct shape too xD
and also some more scripts. The teacher is going to create a script so my player can have a super jump which will be used to break down the walls and such, speaking of the level design has to be altered a little too (some gaps are just not big enough xD). Anyways I leave soon to get on the train to get to my school. So will blog whenever I can/feel like it - uploading the video now, its not much but yeah

Well I finally worked out what was wrong! My brain functions a lot better with less sleep it appears...anyways I was able to find out how to extrude my level design inwards to create the level and such so the character has something to walk/run/smash on/through, I forgot you have to freeze the transformations and I also deleted my history (never know why or what it really does but, it apparently stops it from crashing or least lowers the risk id assume). So Ive taken a few shots and will be uploading them now :) The level design isnt done yet, ive still got to do the floating platforms (which I can just argue that they are attached to the wall) but teacher said to leave that out for the moment...so I shall, maybe today we end up working on them?

Yesterday at AIE

Bacon28 Blog

Okay so went to class yesterday and we talked about and looked at Unity the teacher went over a few points and such but we haven't yet started to build into the program yet. I think we do everything in Maya (such as the characters, animation, level design, etc. So yesterday all we really did was play around with the Bad robots game that comes with unity and teacher explained what each bit did and such and how it was a bit like Maya, so then we imported our level designs into maya and started to copy the reference image that we had created using planes (I think he called it greyboxing or something like that? or we are making a greybox....i dunno memory is terrible) and what we are going to do is for now just work on the ground area and not worry about floating platforms (mine doesnt have any so I didnt have to worry too much xD) and I think what we do is scale it upwards (in a way) so it makes it a little 3Dish (hard to explain ive just woken up and cant really seem to think of how to explain it as ive forgotten what was said yesterday...well most). So we also took a look at some coding and such as someone was wanting to know why this script just used this other image (will be using skull and cross bones for a death area icon kind of thing) So its easy to tell whats what and help both you and other people looking at your level design and such.

So thats all for today I had done my level design pretty quick but found a cleaner way to do it so the level itself shoudnt be too many polys at this point but will get loads more when characters and props and other things are made and imported into Unity.

Well as the subject/title says I start building my game in Unity this week (Tuesday and Thursday)
Not sure how well its going to go as we are learning how to code in it (not sure what language we are using to code) as ive heard there is a few to choose from such as C (or C++) Python, etc i dont remember the rest nor was my friend remembering it very well as he was randomly just looking up programs and such (not interested in animation or anything he goes off to the army soon) and I said we were using it to build the games.

Encase you couldn't be bothered reading the last blog I have class twice a week for 10 weeks from 5pm to 9pm, and in that time we must make at least one level (playable) restricted to a 2.5D platformer.
So this week is my 4th week being there (last week was a one week holiday) so the first two weeks we spent time thinking of ideas, writing out what we want to have in the game what enemy's would we have and what kind or if there was any collectables etc etc. So I was thinking a bit (its a little bit hard to think of an idea on the spot) but after playing around with a few ideas in my head and thought I should be able to make it or least come pretty close to it I decided I was going to make a bit of a mixed game from very different games.

The character design will be cartoonish (as I cant draw for crap and def not very good with a mouse/tablet) and the characters will look a little like Super Meat Boy, you have to break through walls and the ground to get to the end of the levels (a bit like in Jazz Jackrabbit how they have them blocks you gotta smash to get past certain points or get secret items) and to get through the ground I was thinking of a super jump sort of thing (Like in Croc to break boxes he'd jump up, say some kind of word in his language and then smash through the box). I have uploaded some pictures showing this (probably got hidden due to my last course at AIE which was an animation) okay so the only lame name I can think of for the game is Super Breakout Man (as its a super meat boy rip off but doesnt play the same the characters are just based off little cube guys xD)

Also forgot to add the point of the game/game story is your a prisoner and you need to break out as your day is today of being executed (for whatever reason, can come up with a reason some time) so to do this your going to have to not get killed/caught by the police/cops or fall or get touched by any booby traps and must smash your way through walls and the ground to make your esacpe.

So it wont be anything too exciting but yeah haha will keep you posted on it (for anyone who cares)
Will post how the coding and such went..im guessing its going to be hell seeing ive never really done anything like this before T_T

Hello again xD

Bacon28 Blog

Well I havent really used this site in a while now (due to just not needing to and my mod not getting any comments and such etc) But found my way back onto the site due to finding a mod for Deus ex (which im currently playing again) and found a great mod, and started following it though the mod hasnt been updated in 6 years judging by the comments its still being worked on so that is good as it looks great!

Anyways so far since I last wrote a blog I think I was going to be starting at my new school I guess you could call it at AIE where I studied Animation and Modeling and boy can 3D be hard/annoying to get your head around it T_T. So I did my certificate II in media as they call it where you animate a robot and model it and all the environment and such so you go for a total of 10 weeks and twice a week so its pretty short/quick plus right near the end I lost my USB with all my data on it (dont worry had it on the PC i was working on at the school) but then I got sick and missed the week of that so I had to rush super quick to get my animation done plus I had downloaded some sound clips to use for it, the last day i forgot to bring them so I had to find sound clips on the spot so it was VERY rushed a little bit dodgy/shitty looking in the end *and the sound was recycled a lot I didnt have many sounds to work with* but I got it done and passed.

So may be wondering what my animation was of? Well I hated it to be honest because you only get 10 weeks to do it all so I had to come up with an idea pretty quick so id been playing swat 4 on lan (via tunngle) with a friend so I thought hm okay ill make a Swat robot (who became known as Swat Bot 99 I think or just swat bot) so wasted a fair few weeks on modeling this robot that i was hating more or less each day so then I did the scene/environment but had no idea what the hell Swat bot was going to do!?

But then my brain worked after a few weeks or so and thought oh I know ill clone swat bot, change it up a little bit and he can be the bad guy being chased so I was home and i was like hm nah id rather make it from scratch took a total of like 5-10 mins to play around with a whole new design just made up infront of me/using my head instead of thinking of all these ideas and drawing them out like we had to and it turns out it was better looking and such (the teacher agree'd he liked the look of it more and said obviously id gotten a bit better using the program) so that was pretty cool and I ended up wishing Id made the bad guy blow up swat bot 99 due to swat bot 99 being a real pain in the a** when animating his movement (he moved on wheels) he was doing flips and all this other shit, was making me rage as i didnt have time to work out why he was doing this plus the 2nd robot just didnt give me any grief really.

Okay so anyways this blog is long so going to try finish it up, Ill upload some pictures of this and such, we used Maya 2012 and I have also uploaded what Im currently doing in Certificate III in media which is what certificate II is but goes for 20 weeks where you do what I did with the making a movie and such then the next 10 weeks is making a game (I wish id known cert III was cert II and another 10 weeks to make it a cert III). So yeah 10 weeks, 2 days a week like me my idea is a little rushed, I took more time on it this time and seem to be going fairly good so far we are using unity to program the game and its been fixed/scaled to a 2.5D game so I am using some ideas from other games to make my own little super meat boy rip off kind of thing (just not as hard nor will it make you want to smash your PC xD haha) anyways thanks for reading (all of it wow, if not i dont blame you) I will post more about the game in the next blog perhaps, I already have uploaded images ive done so far....now i might add my cert II images.

Just a quick little update, changed my profile banner and my avatar all to me xD.

The 3D heads are from programs "Facegen and Poser" while the other ones were made with Poser also a few years back now. And the picture of me (avatar) I might change as you cant really see it too well haha but for now it will do xD

Added more stuff!

Bacon28 Blog

Well just added some more stuff such as...edit my profile a tiny bit added a few screen names to my yahoo, MSN, Xbox 360 gamertag (dont have a 360 anymore didn't have the games i really wanted that i couldn't not get on PC or couldn't get it due to it being a PS3 only game ugh) and my Steam account. Feel free to ask/add me to any of them though I'm in the process of moving so will be offline for at least a few days to a few weeks my guess is.

So Im really shocked that people have checked out my mod! I wasnt expecting any views or comments about it, though I'm not sure anyone likes it at this point but I only do have 3 releases and I have to admit Beta 0.4 and 0.5 are the only decent ones out there available to download at the moment. I did have all the way up to 0.4 but then hey megaupload gets shut down by SOPA which was a really big pain -_-!

I also added a bit more in my info about me or whatever its called on here haha. Id like to be a game designer one day and learn how to animate, model and texture or any of them and I will be happy. Would also like to get better at my photoshop skills I havent done any courses on it or anything like that but for someone whos just fiddled around with it for years and seen how other people can use photoshop for things and what they do has made me an alright user of photoshop but always room for improvement I say.

Hm so I have done some other work for max payne 2 it was just a silly thing I was doing when i got a bit stuck/bored with Pain to the max mod. I could always finish it I'm not sure if I will though as its pretty pointless and I'm not sure how many people would want to play a stupid mod. Might think don't be so harsh? well it is stupid as its meant to be! With no real name to it I think i called it retarded mod got a odd feeling just now that I may of lost it when i deleted a whole heap of files that are long gone now xD. But I did do some screenshots I think I might upload them here as its not enough work on it to be uploaded as another mod nor is it any good I reckon... I haven't played it for so long but i remember changing Max and Mona plus a commando which he was a bright pink purple almost i think with "GAY" written on his head and replaced the painkiller sound and used "I do cocaine" from Dr Rockso the rock n roll clown from Metalocalypse.

But yeah hopefully I can get mod beta 0.4 and 0.5 up very soon and finish version 1.0. All I really need to do now is....make a decent blood pattern as I gave it a rough whack...and its turned out pretty unrealistic and stupid looking haha. Anyways thats all from me for now hopefully post some more stuff and other cool things...maybe xD

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