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Self taught programmer, 3D modeller, designer and artist. I like games, and making them.

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Destroy the Porn

Game review

This game perfect if you don't have too much time on your hands for gaming, and also provides you with some laughs. I didn't give it a full 10 because jumping is unusual to anything I've played before, but I think you can say that this also contributes to a pleasant difficulty especially in the last bit of the game (not too easy, and not too difficult).



Game review

When I first played this I got very frustrated by the arrow ballistics. I sometimes visibly hit the animal but it apparently didn't count as hit internally.

Also took me a while to figure out how the sliders for crafting worked, the manual should mention that you need to drag the slider to the right fully for it to work (instead of using sliders perhaps make two buttons that enable you to change the value)
If you aim to make a relaxing game you should consider improving on the latter two aspects.

The hunger bar also decreases rather quickly, seeing how getting food is one of the only tasks you have to accomplish to play this game, so I think that's alright for now.

Despite all of this, I think this game has a lot potential if you just keep developing it. The environments are nicely done and I did enjoy it after I've figured out how to play it.


One Night

Game review

I like the style of the graphics a lot and the fact I got scared/shocked numerous times while playing it. Maybe that's just me being a pussy or the (well made) sound design that really gives one the creeps on occasion. It has a few parts that remind of resident evil but all in all, I think it's a very enjoyable game. You won't regret playing it at all ('specially if you get scared easily like me :D )

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