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Bullet Blackout and Pokemon clone

Azuna Blog

It's been a while since i last posted here so i figured i should update.

Anyone still tracking me, i joined ENTERGAME studios currently making a Gun Gale Online or Sword Art Online 2 based game called Bullet Blackout.

Also, me and some friends decided to start a long-time project.

I always thought what if Pokemon had multiplayer. And so we began discussing about it. In the end we decided to start a project based on Pokemon.

We plan implanting full multiplayer with quests (subject to change) ,connecting Johto and Hoenn together while we'll target to recreat all the areas (routes and towns) as close to original as possible and making it a MMORPG-styled game.

So far we're picking up a story line and making the Map:

Littleroot(complete) Oldale(complete) Petalburg(to do)

Route 101(complete) Route 102(complete) Route 103(to do)
Pokemon project

My decision leaving Argus...

Azuna Blog 2 comments

Before getting into the main theme of the announcement i would like to remind you that


Hello everyone,
I promised (my bad) to bring you a video + pics of the finished UI ingame, some OST's and maybe some models! Of course you noticed that didn't happen and here's why.
Well, i THOUGHT that Akira_Shaga1 would reply to my messages and give the resources i needed since i gave him about 2-3 months to do so (Due to vacations and my job i was unable to continue working on the project).
When i came back, i found out that he didn't replied to my messages either on Skype or here... I apologised to everyone who supported our project for my lack of time trying to hide the fact that our developers were "sleeping" hoping that they would "wake up" sometime.
Last update from Akira_Shaga1 was on Mar 7th, 2014 with a 3d model. Last update ever made was from me on May 4th, 2014 with an update for my UI progress.
I check out the page every day to see if any other developer from Argus reply to the comments and guess what..... no one ever did...

A while ago a developer from the team posted on facebook and then left, in case you missed it here's the post:
"So, I'm planning to be very transparent, I'm not going to hide anything. Before, I had asked you all to not lose hope until I do. (even if I say that there's nothing done for weeks or that the project is going bad)"And today myself and few fellow developers have lost hope, I don't want to be too hard on Argus, but I have to say what's really happening. There is really nothing much done, there is about 5-6 active member in Argus (Now less), and this project is lacking a lot of organization and leadership. Contact with Kingjo is completely lost, nobody in the team have ever even seen the NG. The team lacks skills in some important aspects of game development, e.g. any of the levels/floors, game code and networking etc. I'll just stop because I could go on and on but I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing Argus. However, I just can't leave all of you in the dark. Still, I believe that SAO will become a reality eventually, but not from Argus (At least the way they are now)…Maybe this post will be deleted but I feel like I had to let the truth out…Sorry, I'm leaving,=Owex="

I reposted this without editing anything.
Well, without further ado i will announce that i'm LEAVING the team and take my work with me (you can hate me now if you haven't already).Also i will declare the project DEAD since NO ONE except me are working.

Also some of my notes
Lance - Lead Boss Desginer (missing for like 1 and a half year)

Blacksword01 - Lead Static Object Desginer (did some outstanding work but i haven't seen him since the day i joined)

KiritoSA0 /JoyfulSushi - Lead Concept Artist/Artist (And where are the concept arts?)

Shekali - Lead Skill Programmer (Skill programmer? I thought that i had to do this too)

Tsunax12 / FinalBlast92 - Sound Editor (We had sound editors?)

Aliath - Lead Programmer (is the only one that i can say he's alive and replying to my messages)

Nebulastar - Lead Monster Desginer (never seen him/her or even knew that he/she was on the project)

Shaga1 / Flowflow - Lead level Desginer (Both missing, maybe they're locked in a bunker or had a hangover and are on a tropical island without internet) (Shaga or Akira_Shaga1 told me that he could start working on his own FDC but i haven't heard anything)

Techno_Magic (the only one i talked to recently but all i got is that "I haven't really been able to keep up with the project right now because I've been very busy" He was making the videos so i don't blame him for anything)

Kingjo - Lead Full Dive Equipment developer (Now is the good part! Kingjo got us all hyped up with his last post on Sep 24 2013 :"I have not tried it but 5 of the 15 people working with me on this have tried it and that's how we know sight, hearing, and smell works. There is currently one problem we forgot to put in a sensor to tell if ur brain is sending male or female brain waves so we just fixed that and we have installed emergency log outs and a battery inside that lasts a week we are also putting a wireless internet connection and wired in case the wire gets unplugged u are still save all good questions glad to answer them. tongue.gif"
i think he died after all the curses everyone threw at him because he disappeared afterwards without telling anything else ..)

Akira_Shaga1 please prove me wrong but either way i'm OUT.
I would like to thanks Gatreh for pointing out some of my mistakes and help, Astreus for his database and Yui_Lover for the ideas he gave me.
DaBlackSwordsmun, tsukiyomiikuto0 i'm really sorry for the time you lost trying to tell everyone that the project is alive (and maybe it is alive, just the devs are working into a bunker but lost the door key).
Sorry if i forgot anyone...

Also i would like to add the same thing that owex said:
The game will definitelly come out sometime soon but 90% not from Argus, moreover i'll say that THE TECHNOLOGY FOR A FDC EXISTS BUT NEED SOMEONE TO PUT IT TOGETHER.

I know you hate me but i would ask anyway :
If anyone is interested for a UI developer please tell me since i'll have plenty of time available from now on...

I will be happy to answer to any comments.

Your support made me happy and gave me strength to stay on the project but i'll stay no more.

I'm Azuna, Former member of Argus and Former User Interface Leader and Story Writer for Sword Art OnlineProject.

Too bad that i was the only one working here, anyway i did my job regardless that everyone else failed to do so..

Sorry for any possible grammar and spelling mistakes, thats because my native language isn't english.

User Interface Update 0.1.4

Azuna Blog 2 comments



1: Pop-Up Menus
2: Main Menu
3: Sounds and Music
4: Bugs and Glitches
5: Changelog
6: Future Plans

1 Pop-Up Menus

After the recreation of the UI was completed i decided to add a new Pop-Up and make some changes to the old ones.

Lets start from the new Pop-Up window i added :While working at the item/skill selection wheel i came over some coding problems and i couldn't do the selection looking like the anime so here comes the new Pop-Up :

From here you can remove an item from you or add it as well as delete it. Of course it's ugly (since i made it and it's the first release).Now here we have the updated Pop-Ups : Log Out and Create Party.
I kept that 60% trasperancy from Update 0.1.0 and now they look cooler. Also i made the "confirm button change when pressed.
Normal view:
Hovered View:
Normal View:
Hovered View:

2 Main Menu

As mentioned in the comments session, i run into many problems: 1st problem is with my ISP, i don't have a stable internet connection and 2nd was with my HDD which got burned due to power shortage and sudden changes to the voltage, as a result i lost everything according the project which i made up again from scratch. Also here's the updated version of the Main UI!
User Interface Update 0.1.4 User Interface Update 0.1.4

User Interface Update 0.1.4 User Interface Update 0.1.4
As you can see i added the Skill selection menu and Item selection menu. Also i forgot to mention that the Item Selection Window will pop up every time someone selects an item from the selection wheel.
Moreover i completed the gesture required to open the menu and you can see it here :
User Interface Update 0.1.4

To open the Main Menu you must complete a vertically gesture throught the dots just like the anime. I'm currently working on a more realistic model for this one.

3 Sounds and Music

While my internet was down i've been working on the sound effects of the interface and the music of the game.
I added some effects to the Main Menu like when you complete the opening gesture you'll hear this and when you close the menu you'll hear this. Also every time a Pop-Up window opens you'll hear this and when closed, this one.

Moreover i wanted to upload a demo track ( not Red Alert's xD ) that should play when a floor is cleared or for the Login Screen, but i figured that going ahaid with just a guitar was boring so please wait until the keyboard part is over.

4 Bugs and Glitches

While most of the bugs were fixed in v0.1.2 and v0.1.3, there are still some that are blocking the development of my project so it's taking a bit to get rid of them.


Fixed a bug where hover buttons had different colors than intented.
Fixed a bug where disolve and invite buttons where still disabled after creating a party.
Fixed a bug where the log out button was still highlighted after the confirmation pop-up returned the value "cancel".
v0.1.4 ---------- Current Version
Fixed a bug where upon interacting with the equipment scrollbar the whole Menu crashed.
Fixed a bug where the sound effects were laggy.
Fixed a bug where the sound effects were consuming a big part of memory.

5 Changelog

v0.0.1 (First test release)
Main Menu created
Create Party Pop-Up v1 created
Resources updated
Main Menu updated
Log Out Pop-Up v1 created
Create Party updated from v1 to v2
Accessories repositioned
Message Box repositioned
Possition Check repositioned
Write Message created
Trasperant feature introduced
Loot Pop-Up v1 created
Quest repositioned
Log Out Pop-Up updated to support Trasperant feature
Create Party Pop-Up updated to support Trasperant feature
Main Menu recreated
Introduced Sound effects
Added Sound effects to Log Out and Party Creation windows
v0.1.4 (Current Version)
Item management pop-up added
Gesture option for opening the menu added
Added Sound effects to menu opening and closing
Updated the confirm button of pop-ups

6 Future Plans

First of all me and Aliath will focus working on the messaging system that will help the players communicate with each other in the game.
Second comes the UI part, since i can't do anything else until some other things are done and we get rid of some problems.
Moreover due to the lack of 3d developers i may join the 3d team as well so except some models of weapons soon.
Last but not least is my plan for making a help database which will be accesible from the Settings menu ( same menu with Log Out ) which will contain help about skills, common items and some begginer tips.Also i wanted to ask... Should i write the quest in this form ?

Quest giver : Name here
Quest name : Quest here
Quest description : Description here,
here, here, there, here, here and there

Quest location : Location here
Quest type : Level x, Type ex.
Reward(s) : Col. amount, Item(s) ex.

Anyway, as always i'm open for suggestions, just post them bellow or send me a pm.

Your support makes me happy and gives me strength to carry on.

I'm Azuna the User Interface Leader and Story Writer

I'm trying to finish my part so the game will be available as soon as possible. :D

Sorry for any possible grammar and spelling mistakes thats because my native language isn't english. :)

3rd Update on the UI and Plans

Azuna Blog 5 comments

Hello everyone , i just updated the UI for SAO.
You can see the pictures here :
3rd Update on the UI3rd Update on the UI1

Plans :

Overall Future Update
I'll try to make the UI for the game as close to the original as possible .In order to do so ,repositioning some of the buttons and maybe add more is essential.

Skills Menu
I'll add a number of skills and a description for each one .

Background Change
Some of you are saying that you like the plain background .I'll try to change the color a little bit to see if it's better .I am also working on making the IGM transparent .

Party creation is already available as a choise so whats left is the disolve button .

Gonna add some "documents" here (Quest Type ,Battle Help 1 :Duelling Basics :Duel Types etc. ).

Sorry for any possible mistakes but my native language is not english :)

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