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I'm a huge nerd and the community manager for ISOTX. I like rainy days, Team Fortress 2, and chocolate chip cookies. Feel free to message me here if you have any questions about the Iron Grip: Warlord series. I am NOT a technical support person, by the by. I get a lot of emails and PMs on this site about MEC or MEC2. It's best to post on the MidEast Crisis community and they can help you directly; I can only advise with games I helped directly on, like the Iron Grip series.

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Pipe Bombs Have No Mercy

ashelia Blog 2 comments

We'd almost made it to the end of the map after a dozen tries. It was the third level of No Mercy, expert mode. Ryan (Stenchy), Dave (Henley), and Jen (BunnyJen) were graced with my amazing presence as Zoey. We were all at low health, but we were near the safe house. There was a chance a Tank lay ahead, up above us, as we left the sewers, but we'd decided to run for it and not look back.

Suddenly there was a horde of zombies. In a split second, words were exchanged. We decided not to climb the ladder, but to lock ourselves in the room next to it. Something about explosives was mentioned. BunnyJen was going to run for it. We had this, a sweet victory was right in our range, and we were pumped.

The horde arrived, running at us down the sewer to our safe spot. Backing against the wall, I threw my explosive.

At the same time, Ryan closed the door to our little room.

For a slow spanning three seconds, all I could hear was the tick of the bomb.

It was like I was a Counter-terrorist and I was defusing a bomb without a bomb kit - only much, much worse. The sound of the beeping, the zombie horde plowing through the door, the anguished screams of my teammate's voices as we realized our fatal mistake (no, I'm amazing and I refuse to take the full blame, Ryan). Seconds stretched into eternity, time froze, the dread hit my stomach.

And then, then there was nothing.

We died.

And we did not finish expert No Mercy.


ashelia Blog

I was just on Mod Cast episode 5 and it was a blast - a little laggy, but fun guys and an interesting chat. Thanks so much for the invite guys. Hopefully it will be up for download soon and anyone who missed it can check it out. It had some footage from our upcoming game and some awesome concept artwork that we will make sure to post more on ModDB.

Regarding the IG: Warlord beta announcement I made, we will be accepting applications on September 22, 20008 so mark your calendars.

So yeah, I've never done a ModDB personal blog so I have no idea what to say here. I'll finish this up with saying right now I'm about to go play some World of Warcraft. And by saying play, I mean idle in Ironforge in full tier 6. Because really, that's all there's left to do until WotLK. That and arenas, anyway.

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