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im ashadttt from roblox im also called ashadj so welcome to my profile where I do scp/fnaf games and mods sometimes when something else comes that means theres a update or it's coming soon
I also make a mod out of a mod
basically a double mod just change of textures and other stuff like the 087-B mod for example for SCP-CB

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I'm working on a new mod called the underground facility mod, its a texturepack mod, in this mod you are staff personal you've just got back from the upper facility and a containment breach occurred There's hardly any guards down there to secure the facility the mtf will soon enter the facility and not the ones from the upper containment but the old ones are coming and they do not like unauthorized staff personal enter the underground facility, you are in the entrance to 173-ONI-FFB when you turned around the button to the door is missing leaving the personal no choice but to investigate and find the truth to what caused this to happened.

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