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arthur_balen @ Project Brutality Monsters for Guncaster 3.2

You could make enemies grow and explode when in contact with acid barrel or acid spell, like in the original, if possible!

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arthur_balen @ Death Foretold (D4T): Crucible - SE

Hi, I wanted to say that Im having a lot of fun with the mod, the changes you made are great! I would like to make some suggestions which I think can balance and improve some aspects of the game!

-Siphon Grenade: It has a bug that makes it hit the player itself, regenerating life without having to hit any enemy.

-Shotgun Charged Burst: Currently uses 6 ammo, but ejects only 1 bullet casing. You could make it to use 3 ammo and eject the 3 bullet casing after it shoots.

-Shotgun Explosive Shot: Much more useful and easier to use than the Charged Burst, but only spends 2 ammo. You could increase it spend 5 ammo for the shot.

-Heavy Assault Rifle Micro Missiles: You could make that after firing the 6 missiles it quickly reloaded the cartridge, retracting and opening the missile box instead of firing without stopping.

-Rocket Launcher Lock-on Burst: You could make the need to first lock-on an enemy before firing. At the moment, you could clean a whole room just by firing the missiles without even having to see the enemies, is very op.

-Grenade Launcher: Make it spend 1 ammo in primary (instead of 0.5) and 2 ammo in secondary. This weapon is very powerful and tactical to hit enemies out of sight, and almost barely spends ammo.

-Plasma Rifle: You could add a chance to blow up the enemy in the primary shot, just to cause a powerfull weapon effect.

-Lightning Gun: It secondary attack is exactly the same as the primary, only more powerful, so you never use the primary again after you get the module to the secondary attack!
If it were possible to change the secondary to something like charging the attack and then releasing a lighting bolt, which could have the same effect as before (spread the lightning to nearby enemies) but it would do more damage instantly.

-Hellshot Incendiary Round: It uses 10 ammo, I think its a lot of ammo, and the weapon as a whole is not that efficient. You could make the weapon spend 3 ammo on the secondary attack and only 1 ammo on the primary, instead of 2 ammo.

-Reaper: It currently spends 3 ammo and shoots 6 shots, and each shot being able to blow up an enemy. Its the most powerful weapon in the game! You could nerf the weapon to spend 4 ammo and shoot 4 shots. And for the secondary attack do spend 4 ammo too, and take a little longer to charge and shoot.

-Static Rifle: I always find the secondary of this weapon a waste of potential, currently it only makes a little zoom. You could make the secondary button to stock up fully charged shots, which would increase the damage by 15% for each stock shot. It could stock a total of 3 charges, increasing weapon power by up to 45% for the next shot fired.

-You could make all Slugs (Gauss) and Rockets weapons drop a big bullet casing after the attack. And also make an option to make all the bullets casing stay longer before they disappear.

I hope you have enjoyed some ideas, and once again, congratulations on the mod!

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arthur_balen @ Death Foretold (D4T): Crucible - SE

Or just remove the need to find all the secrets, and get the upgrade just by killing all the enemies! So it would give a purpose to the kill counter!

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arthur_balen @ Death Foretold (D4T): Crucible - SE

Works with delta touch, but only in gzdoom 3.25 or above!

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arthur_balen @ Death Foretold (D4T): Crucible - SE

Excellent mod! an idea: what do you think of changing the ammo from the hellshot and the reaper to some kind of demon souls that you get after killing a demon? The hellshot uses plasma and the reaper uses shotgun shells, i always thought that it seems very strange that they use this type of ammunition. Or what about nerf a bit the reaper, because after that gun is obtained, it is practically end of game, since it obliterate everything very easily, and the shotgun shells are everywhere!
but anyway, yours modifications are awesome! Very nice work!

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arthur_balen @ Brutal DOOM - Mutators 1.5.4b | For v21 version

Could you make the bfg weapons use bfg cells instead of the plasma cells? its very annoying that so many weapons share the plasma cells ammo

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arthur_balen @ D4T Parkmore

BFG doesnt upgrades (D4T 2.1)

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arthur_balen @ Helmet Hud for D4T 2.1 (Update 30/06/18)

Not showing BFG upgrades (D4T 2.1)

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arthur_balen @ Doom4: Death Foretold

but i meant to say, EXTREMELY! really.. like you dont need nothing more... just that reaper and... end game, right from the bat

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arthur_balen @ Doom4: Death Foretold

I think you should nerf the reaper gun... that things extremely op

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arthur_balen @ Quiet Marines

did you see those flying skulls man? did you see those flying skulls man? did you see those flying skulls man? did you see those flying skulls man?

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arthur_balen @ Project Brutality 2.03

Hi! Congratulations on the mod! I imagine how much work and dedication you had to create it, its perfect the way it is!
I would like to make some suggestions for the weapons upgrades, and also some small changes that I think would add much in the game!

Machete) it could be an upgrade for the punch!
Chainsaw) you could remove the effect of "going through" the enemy in the primary fire, standing still and sawing until the enemy dies is more satisfying, and would help not get lost after the attack!

UAC-.45 Handgun) the upgrade could be a Desert Eagle with enough damage to blow an enemy after being frozen in just one shot. The secondary fire could shoot three quickly shots.
UAC-.50 Hand-Cannon) what do you think of the upgrade be a double-barreled revolver with scope, the weapon special could cycle between scope or rapid fire for secondary fire.
UAC-Compact SMG) Upgrade the smg with larger ammo magazine and a silencer.

Sawed-Off Double Barrel) upgrade to a 4 barrel sweded-off (of course hehe) but it becomes a two-handed weapon (no more dual wield them), the weapon special could be switch trigger for 1 or 2 barrels shot for the secondary fire. the primary fire could fire the four barrels.

UAC-30 Designated Marksman Rifle) upgrade to a more heavy weapon, for sniper shots.
UAC-Mach-3 Minigun) the weapon special could be a gun stabilizer (cant walk, but have a steady acurancy). So no more cycle between Standard mode and Upgraded Mode (like the other weapon upgrades).
UAC-HMG Auto-Cannon) the upgrade could add explosive impact rounds that spend 5 ammunition at a time; when switching between rounds, the barrel could rotate (just a nice touch).

Rocket Launcher) upgrade to a 2 drum magazine! (twice the time needed to reload)
High Explosive Grenade Launcher) upgrade to a triple barrel Grenade Launcher
Heavy Grenade Launcher) the Standard mode could normally only use the impact and sticky grenades; the upgraded mode could bring the Incendiary, cryogenic and acid grenade types.
The 3 weapons could share the same ammo! During the game, I realized that I always have plenty of ammo for these weapons 3 in particular! I think it would be good thing for balancing and for immersion,
because the three weapons already share the same sprites in the game, and each one also have different roles (i.e., one doesnt exclude the other).

Plasma Gun) could have a fast charge just by click on the secondary fire, which would release less plasma shotgun blast; and the full charge would be the traditional, I think that this could make the secondary fire more useful!
M2-Plasma Rifle) weapon special could cycle between iron sight or plasmathower for the secondary fire (the weapon display could lower in the iron sight), removing the dual wield. I also wanted to remind that the Plasma flamethower are a bit overpower.

Railgun 2.0) if possible, make the primary fire charge for more damage and to go through enemies and walls (a more charged weapon could deal more damage), I think it would be a good advantage for the gun!

Revenant) why not create a jet pack for the player? It would be fun! Oh, and can you make the chainsaw remove the weapon of the dead Revenant? Like with the Mancubus!

Black Hole Generator) the weapon special could swap to a gravity gun, where the primary fire picks up the object and the secondary fire throw it.
BFG 11K Plasma Beam) the weapon special could release the weapon in the field as a turret, and for a certain time, it could automatically shoot on enemys until it shut down and can be picks up again.
Oh, and if possible, make the ammo for all BFG's to not share with plasma weapons (like the bfg cells from Doom3), I think the mod have to many weapons slots sharing this ammo already!

Now a silly idea: kick the gibs. One of my greatest amusement, when I played blood, was kicking the heads of dead enemies! hahaha

I hope it helped in some suggestions! and as I said before, the mod is perfect!
And once again, congratulations for your mod!

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arthur_balen @ Version 7 Completed Features Update 10-11-15

Great news! Congratulations on the excellent mod!
I wanted to suggest, not wanting to disrupt the development of your mod,
if it would be difficult to implement a body for the camera in first person!
I always liked games that when you look down, you can see character's legs! hehe
Oh, and if you could also add empty cartridges for when reloading a weapon,
I think this is just a small implement that improves a lot the immersion in the game!
Congratulations once again!

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arthur_balen @ Caleb VoicePack V1b

Sorry for the down karma! My bad :(

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arthur_balen @ Perfected Doom 3

Hi!! Can you make the weapon magazine appear on the floor after reloading a gun? It would be great!

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arthur_balen @ WussMod for PerfectedDoom (v6.2.3) - v1.5

Good job! But in some levels I keep getting an error message related to baron of hell, especially on Our Last Hope. The level not even load. Otherwise is a very good addon!

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arthur_balen @ Project Brutality 2.03

Hello! You could take a look at the alternate shot of the revolver? Im finding it very strong, using only 6 bullets I can clean an entire room, but with the Compact SMG an entire magazine may be necessary.
Another thing that would be interested too, could you make the rocket launcher , grenade launcher and S. grenade launcher share the same ammunition? since all of them are strong but have different roles.. The problem Im facing is that whenever I run out of ammunition for various weapons , I always have plenty of ammunition for these weapons, just for balancing issues only. In addition, they own shells are already the same.
But really, just suggestions, the mod is already fantastic the way it is!!

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