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I am Aro, original head developer and leader of Twisted Insurrection. I began work on a small mod project back in November 2007 for Tiberian Sun, which eventually grew into what is known as a whole new game today called Twisted Insurrection, building up a brilliant team of modders along the way. If you have any queries regarding Twisted Insurrection, please direct them towards the other staff members as I am not currently available.

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VVVVVV is a masterpiece and one of the best platformers I've ever played, there are many acheivements and game modes / trials to keep you coming back to play more and more after you have completed the game itself and have gotten the tunes stuck in your head from the brilliant soundtrack that comes with it. There are lots of areas to discover and things to collect, there are also in-game "Trophies" to acquire too if you're feeling up to a tough challenge.

This game is brilliant for so many different reasons, one of the main reasons is because It has the ability to create a great atmosphere while using extremely simple graphics, said graphics are also one of the primary things that gives this game it's charm.

While it's a difficult game (but by no means impossible), it has a nice frequent checkpoint system that keeps you from losing too much progress at one given time, as it is likely that you will die a LOT on your first run. People who have posted negative reviews of this game by saying "It's too hard" are most likely just bad at it. The game is hard, yes, but it's not hard to the point where it takes hours to get through a certain area. The balance is just right, in my opinion.

Overall, a great game with a great soundtrack. Definitely add this one to your collection, whether it's on sale or not! I'm really glad I picked this up in the sale and took the time to try it. You won't regret it.


Don't Move

Game review - 2 agree

I don't think that this game deserves the negative reviews it has been receiving, but it does prove that this game certainly is an acquired taste.

Don't Move is a game about progression, but there are no real objectives, tasks, storylines or anything similar because it just isn't that kind of game. While it may come off as too simple and repetitive (which it very well is) at first, it has a compelling ability to keep pulling you back in to see what happens after you have reached the next stage of progression.

In my opinion, Don't Move is very therapeutic, but I am reviewing this game based on the Android app version, something I can quickly play through while on the bus home or during a very slow shift at work, those of you that have experienced this game on a PC may not have found it as enjoyable. It is not something you decide to play in your spare time for fun, but it is something to play to kill time when you're bored.

I enjoyed this game and have played it to the end multiple times during the boring days at work, I do however advise people to play this on a mobile device for when you're on the go rather than playing it at home.

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