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I'm ArmageddonEvil, I just joined this thing because I was bored. Out of most things, I try to mod whenever I get bored enough. My name is Brandon Kyle French, I live in United States. I might update these things sooner or later but dunno right now. I enjoy a lot of different video games, including World of Warcraft. I'm 21 years old, I hope you'll enjoy what I will have to come even though I dunno, If I will decide to host any of my mods on this site. Because they somewhat suck, and they are mainly for fun though.

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ArmageddonEvil's First Blog

ArmageddonEvil Blog

I hope you will enjoy this blog, I have a lot of things on my mind though. Like thinking what I will do with the new mods that is coming out for Red Alert 3, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and if I can find my disappeared The First Decade Disk I can play some Generals/Zero Hour Mods.

I will tell you a little bit about myself before I get into the other boring things.

My full name is Brandon Kyle French, as you can see my Age and Gender under my "Country." My Birth Date is June 26, 1987.

I am interested in a lot of things, though I have a little bit of an addiction to World of Warcraft, the Pay to Play Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, as well to any Real Time Strategy Games, also I am addicted in typing Lol in every single sentence I create.

Also I am somewhat of a writer in a sense, though I haven't made any books for people to read yet. Also I will be releasing something on here soon after this Blog Post, in the next Blog Post I decide to do. It will have to do with a faction, that is apart of a Fan Grand Universe I have for me. It is designed by me but has a lot of influences though from certain SCI-FI shows and movies.

The Progenitor X-COM Combined Empire, As you can see it is already influenced from the Game called X-COM: UFO Defense. But it isn't really like X-COM: UFO Defense though, it is more or less a Twist from that game to a Intergalactic Empire bent on Universal Domination. As well, whenever I feel bored, their will be another faction I might create and release in another blog, but I won't be releasing the name of this faction just yet, the leader of the Progenitor X-COM Combined Empire is "Nick Xe'Lir Chase."

There is a quiet of a few factions in my Fan Grand Universe that has a lot of Powerful Starships & Devices. The Faction I am going to release next is about a Demonic Empire, controlled by 1 Demonic Entity that is more or less has different Reincarnations of himself, though his main self is a Demonic God and his name is "Holy R. Enigma." His entire Faction is made up of Demons and Demonic Slaves or Fallen Angels, the Mythical becoming a very powerful Empire that is more or less equal to The Progenitor X-COM Combined Empire.

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