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Writer, modeller, source engine mapper and occasional international super spy. I also have knowledge of working with CRYengine and the various Paradox game engines. Current projects: A New Order, Men of the Empire: Burning Horizon

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Dwarf Fortress

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Game Dev Tycoon

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The game seems like it will be awesome at first, but quickly proves to be little more but a shallow tease at what could have been better. I don't see the point of reiterating what others have said, but I will say that the entire process of making a game or engine seems incredibly arbitrary, and the lack of any actual diversity in gameplay will make the end stages seems just as trivial and boring as the beginning.

It had some nice points, and it was always fun to imagine my 'dream game (to the limit the game allowed me)' succeeding, though of course it was difficult with the way the game decided what made a good video game. Probably the worst part (and oddly at that) is the fact everything feels so small. You never feel like you're in a huge video game corporation by the end of the game, you only have about eight programmers and around ten other people in various departments.


Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

Game review

It just doesn't work. Actual animations came in a later patch (unacceptable), the multiplayer is probably the most broken thing I have ever played, the singleplayer is just confusing as you try and take points but the enemy randomly takes your points. They are way too large for your pathetically low unit count which ends with fights being few and scarce.

Oh and it gets worse, half the units are complete BS. Tanks have no real counter and artillery has no use. The units are implemented simply badly, for an example: the Civil War era cannon is invincible to all infantry. They have no drivers. Literally, no one tugs them around or fires them, they operate exactly like tanks.

Blimps and boats have zero use at all, as they only fight blimps and boats. I have no idea if they can be used as ground units, as blimps are a total mind **** and are confusing enough to fight other blimps with and infantry and tanks never even bother to go anywhere near water. The boats can only kill other boats, no transporting men or taking land.

The infantry gameplay is pathetic, units take multiple shots and when you go and control a unit it feels as if... I don't even have a comparison for the levels of underwhelming this gameplay is. The AI is just atrocious, it seems to just bee line to control points, swarm them and then swarm the next one. No strategy or attempts to fight your men.

Here is something funny with the gameplay (to show how broken and underdeveloped actually controlling a unit is.) On one map there is a fence around the farms on it, you can run across the battlefield and when you get to the fence. Dramatically climb over it as enemies fire? Do you break it down? Do you crawl under? Do you go around? YOU ******* WALK THROUGH IT, YOU DON'T EVEN SLOW DOWN.

This is just skimming the horrible of this game. Besides graphical problems and many many more (not to mention more bugs than I could imagine in a pre alpha), the game might have risen higher but the dev abandoned it.


Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox

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Project Zomboid

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Commander: Conquest of the Americas

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Mount & Blade: Warband

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