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When Iq levels drop...

Anubis_theDark Blog 6 comments

Well i don't think it's a secret anymore that the newer the generation the lower their IQ. More and more there is a huge difference between the few that have the will and the many that are ignorant imbeciles. From retarded educational programs to heavy mass media propaganda of ignorance and non-value with each new generation, the human race is evolving into involution. At one point we will probably become apes with guns ( not to far imo ), and movies like Idiocracy are becoming more and more a prophecy. Sad thing is that the gaming world is suffering more and more from this problem.
I am not a console hater. Never was but probably will be. But i am a hater of creating a game for something that should not use it in the first place. Let's take for example strategy games. Their place is on the PC with a fuken Mouse and Keyboard. Also a strategy game should allow a great variety of strategical possibilities. Well this is no longer available. Many strategy games that once were awsome are now dumbed down o the point of stupidity so they can fit the console heavy limitations ( ex - supreme commander 2, C&C 4 ), and the rest are just made for the new hype of the gaming world - competition. Now games that actually have potential are no longer a way to have fun in you free time, but a way to prove you have the bigger balls. As a result games are again very limited to fit the extremely narrow sighted competitive community. As all sports you have a very strict set of rules which leaves absolutely no space for variety or fun features ( ex starcraft 2 ).
So in the end today either we get retarded multi-platform games that become boring after a few hours of play, or highly competitive games that have lost their fun factor for the sake of extreme balance and strict rules of competitive play. And what is worse, with this new so called E-sports crap, gaming companies that were once experimenting and creating new and entertaining stuff, are redoing the same old shit over and over and over again, improving just the visuals and adding few to no new content ( again - starcraft 2 as ex ), killing the evolution, killing the fun, doing products for a increasing mass of walking testicles that only care about who has the bigger dick. Tbh i think the gaming world just as well as everything fun and creative in this world is dieing. What is left is a husk formed of a money driven companies and ever more stupid player communities or highly competitive and extremely repetitive ones.

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