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I am a coder and designer from United Kingdom, and I have been developing games/apps/graphic engines since the days of Amiga in the 90's.
I am currently a member of a Indie team making two games for PC's(Windows/Mac/Linux)

Our team is Dark Art Games - Our members are Me,Noah,Paula,Matt and Campbell.

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The editor is taking shape nicely. You can generate random universes, edit classes, edit animation sets, create and maintain payloads(Payloads are combinations of files saved into a single compressed file. The cool thing is it uses a TOC system, so you dont have to load/decompress anything, you can just pick a single file and use it.)

Atm we're five members, they are:

Noah Gomes - A very talented and nice bloke to work with, he's 2d and 3d art.

Paula - Another talented and friendly artist to work with.

Matt - our newest artist, he produces fun modern style gfx.

Paul Cambell - our newest music guy, the guy we were working with went awol, so paul is in charge of music now. You'll really love his music, it's great.

And of course me, Antony Wells - Lead coder and game designer - I also do a bit of music here and there.-

To cap things off, enjoy this screenshot of Cine - as you can see it's come along way in just a couple of weeks since the last new shot.

Cine Preview 4 - 10/05/2018

Enjoy! Any comments/suggestions/interest in joining us, pls get in touch. here or at antonyrobwells@gmail.com

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Dark Art Games

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We are Dark Art Games - A small indie team currently developing two PC(At first) games. Game One - Is Star Knights Episode One - a 2D space rpg, with...

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