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Hey everyone! Thanks for viewing the page. This is Team Anthogonist. The team is simply a one-person team consisting of me, Anthony.

I am student at Texas State University and I have a passion for video games.

I decided to start my own Deus Ex mod known as Project Tarsus. It's still in the beginning stages but I am making progress with it. Check out the mod page when you can. Any support is greatly appreciated (whether just encouragement or actually helping me out.)

Also friend me if you want. It'd be nice to have some.

Team Anthogonist

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Ima take a few minutes to explain my thoughts and feelings about my work-in-progress: Project Tarsus.

The Project Tarsus Mod is my contribution to the Deus Ex community. I feel that there is a lot missing from a 20 year gap in the timeline between the original Deus Ex and Invisible War. Like many other people, I wish there was some kind of explanation amongst all of the new organizations and characters of DX:IW. Where did they come from? Why are they doing what they do? When the hell did AI constructs go public? What happened to Jock? And where in the hell did the Knights Templar come from if Unatco (MJ12/Illuminati) disbanded them a long time ago? Questions like these needed a story. So I've decided to try to make a mod that can provide reasonably believable connection between the First Deus Ex and Invisible War's stories and events.

If you've been keeping up with the mod, (Shoutout to all of those who are watchers!) you've probably noticed that I'm making slow progress. Very slow in fact. There's a reasonable explanation to this:
1. I am still in school and I work.
2. This is my first mod. Prior to this, I had zero modding experience. Even so, I'm still trying very hard to make this game a good one.
3. I want to make this a believable story within the Deus Ex canon. So a lot of research is involved in getting everything right. That research ranges from DXIW archetecture, lighting, textures, storylines etc... Some people may not accept it as so, but I'm trying my best to make it believable.

Once I get done with college, I plan to increase working time. Also, I hope to gain some attention and support from many other Deus Ex modders.

So thanks for checking out the mod.
Team Anthogonist

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