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Bound by Strings

Anna044 Blog

I am without a body or a soul
I am not the average person you know
I am given by him the chance to live
I am the one he chose to be with

Never given the freedom to fly
Never released into the big blue sky
Never allowed to roam the grasslands
Never let loose into oceans onto islands

So long have I wished to be free
To dance in the sky as the real me
So long have I wished to be heard
To sing with the voice of that of a bird

He had showed me the path to follow
The path to lead me out of my sorrow
He had given me the chance to be seen
The chance that I wondered where it had been

He kept me away from danger and harm
He kept me always safe and warm
He kept me protected from enemy and stranger
He kept me by his side where it was safer

But I’m still bound to him by strings and locks
Not allowed to wonder beyond the docks
But this is all I’m ever asking for
Not to be locked up like I was before

I am now allowed to sing my own songs
I am now feeling ever so strong
But still I am bound by an everlasting connector
As I am still in dept to my one and only creator

- Anna Sofianara

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