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Age of Strategy

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Searched for such a game on Android market for years and finally found a thrilling game as this. I first fell on Little Empire, the graphics was nice, but then you were raided by other players and you"ve had to spend real money to reach a good level. The game did provide battles, with long ranged units and short ranged ones but for the above reasons, it was not so nice. This game is a combination of great. In terms of designing, it fulfils many product specifications. Every designer attempts to produce products that work well and looks good. This has been achieved by this game. There is nothing wrong with the graphics. The level of graphics is good. For a game of chess, you don't need awesome, screen smashing graphics (Think of Gameloft graphics).The battle fields, game stories, historical battles (you have maps from AOS fans, even Santa Claus in one game and many more surprises). The historical battles section impressed me a lot. Though not accurate to the finest details (you need to be present there (at the battle) to achieve that), it took great pains to take care of details (you even have the famous Troy horse in which your soldiers can hide). Chess players will immensely appreciate such a game which demands judicious use of the mind to effectively control resources and plan movements (the computer is really cunning but you can vary it's difficulty level in random games, not in historical battles). Forgot to say, but the game can hook you up if you indulge!

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