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Im just a 20 years old student who loves games, history and languages.... feel free to send me a message.

Salu2 :)

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From 1 to 10 (Most time / least time)

1-Europa Universalis III : Spain conquering the world in the 16th Century muahahahahahaha
2-Gnomoria : Complex but wonderful game
3- Empire Total War : Love the battles
4- Shogun Total War : Love the battles, love Japan, and love my japanese girlfriend ;)
5- Medieval Total War II : Castille FTW!!
6- Seven Kingdoms : One of my favourite games ever, since i was a child.
7- Mount n Blade Warband : Amazing game, complex and beautiful
8- Baldur's Gate II : Wonderful RPG game, and very big
9- Planescape Tormet : Another great RPG
10- Sombras de Guerra : I installed it and played only for 5 minutes, horrible game, i feel sad for it.

Oh! And i am also currently playing Battlefied 3 :)

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hi i will be playing tank and ddnormandy if anyone whants to join me

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