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A strong gamer since the NES days, has always had a fascination with puzzle games, RPGs, adventure, and games that reward curiosity and encourage creativity Currently working on a stealth game :D

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This game is really like none other. The art style is unique, the music is fun, and the quirky nature of it is fantastic. There are mini games all over that are short and sweet but add so much to the enjoyment of the game.

And if that weren't enough, the throwbacks to classic movies, games, and shows are clever and incredibly fun.



Game review

This game is a frequent go-to when telling people that video games can be very profound. Even in this fantasy world you see such real and strong emotions.

Apart from the outstanding plot, the puzzles are fantastic and keep you guessing until the end. Even finishing the game a few times it can take a moment to remember how to complete a particular section.

The art direction is also phenomenal. Beautiful landscapes and movements



Game review

Such a remarkable game. Simple mechanics used so well to traverse different lands. Filled with a haunting atmosphere and creepy inhabitants who don't want you around.


The Novelist

Game review

There is a lot to appreciate about the uniqueness of this game, and I thought it was a very nice playthrough.

There were a lot of decisions that I will want to try again (and some that I think will just be hard to do either way) so the replay value is definitely there, especially as I completed most of the game in just over an hour.

The stealth element is interesting, though I wouldn't say very challenging. Turning off some of the appliances was a good start but not really enough to make it so that I was ever caught.

Either way, quite looking forward to playing again. Recommended!


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Game review

This game was really well put together. The dual mechanics were very creative, the characters, even with non-understandable dialog, were very likable, and the imagery was gorgeous. The story itself is very simple, yet gives you plenty of reason to want to keep going, and the non-essential tasks are nice to complete as you make your way.

Absolutely recommended


The Forest

Early access game review - 1 agree

This review will be updated as I love the concept behind the game and it properly freaks me out. I don't commit to playing all early access games, but this one stood out and I wanted to see what it was about.

Really looking forward to each new feature and bug fix they do. Keep up the great work!


Shovel Knight

Game review - 1 agree

I absolutely loved this game. The 8-bit style, the shovel mechanics, and even the goofy story is all just wonderfully done.

The frustrations of dying and trying again and again (especially in New Game+) makes accomplishing a stage all the more rewarding. Looking forward to more from Yacht Club!


Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review

I play a lot of horror games, but it is rare for a game to make me as anxious as this game makes me.

Getting through even the 3rd night has put me on edge and I love it. Already bought the game for two other friends who were not believers. Happy to have turned that around.

If I were being critical I would say I wish there were hot keys to pull up and take down the camera (if you've played Papers, Please you'll see how they use the point and click with hot keys for certain actions). Though I now prefer to play this on a touch screen as my response time is much better and I'm not fumbling with the mouse as much.

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