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As I said in the comment page of my Panzerkampf addon, my pc accidentally drowned in mint tea, so all the working to update the mod is semi-suspended until I can get a new PC. Luckily, a friend of mine let me use his laptop to do some of my stuff on it, so I'll keep on trying to work on the mod. As most Battletanks 2 modders know, we can't moddify the source code, so we can't give specific nations their own different tanks. Considering this, I thought of building up 4 mods: 1 full mod for germany, 1 full mod for U.S.A., 1 full mod for Russia, and 1 full mod for England. All different factions will be from the same countries and will have the exact same tanks of said country, but each will represent a different army fighting against the other ones. ASAP I will begin with the tank coding of the german tanks, wich will be:

Superlight tanks:
Panzer 35
Panzer I Ausf. C
Panzer II Ausf. D

Light tanks:
Panzer III Ausf. C
Panzer II Luchs
Panzer 38

Medium tanks:
Panzer IV Ausf. H with armor skirts and the 75mm Howitzer KwK 37 L/24
Panzer IV Ausf. E with the 75mm
KwK 40 L/43
Panzer IV Ausf. B with the 75mm AT gun
KwK 40 L/48

Heavy tanks:
Panzer V Panther Ausf. D
Panzer VI Tiger (Porsche) with the KwK 36/L56
Panzer VI Tiger I with the 88 mm KwK 43/L71

Superheavy tanks:
Panzer VI Tiger Ausf. B with the 105mm KwK 45 L/52

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