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I am a software engineer, I specialise in graphics programming. And stuff, eh.

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The Iron Man competition

1337FeRReT Blog 2 comments

Ive decided that in one of the coming years Im going to participate in the Iron Man competition.
As I was taking a look today, I had a look over the iron man scream's (Howie scream I believe) history.

But I found this, which is almost equally as funny, almost funnier everytime you hear it.

Roots of evil

1337FeRReT Blog

Source engine:

Playing a lengthy game of tug a war, each day shes letting me have a bit more of that rope.
But the bitch seems to enjoy making me put more effort into it than necessary, alas im learning techniques and hopefully I can rip it out of her hands soon enough.

The mental suffering people must have without previous coding experience must be unbearable though.

February blues

1337FeRReT Blog 1 comment

yeah been a busy month.

had one of the funniest convos on msn earlier today

MSNconvo wrote: Rocka Rolla says:
Rocka Rolla says:
int is the same as long
Rocka Rolla says:
why bother having a long
FeRReT says:
because if you want the script to use int penis
FeRReT says:
its a lot funnier if you declare a long penis

Got a lot done in the last week, got my personal website up Ferret.esotericgamestudios.com SIGN UP TO MY FORUMS, for goodness sake.
we also got around to polishing up the weight of our storyline for the game and had a few characters created to better serve events.

other than that I bought doom 3 and was analysing it for what really scares people, wait a second doom 3 you say? well i mean the first part I also learnt what makes people stay scared and stay playing, but im not going to tell you, you should do some research!
But I hope this will help the game quite a bit.
and HEY were still recruiting, shout me a pm if your free this year and want to get something in your portfolio thats worthwhile.


1337FeRReT Blog

Just thought of something that appealed to my sense of humor.


cout << "Hammer time!";

Oh dear -_-
I worry about myself sometimes.

In other lengths, It's all very hush hush now, but I have joined teams with a great modeler/coder, "Ray" - not sure you will know of him but his work is brilliant, you will see it in good time.
We have decided to create another game based around the cthulhu mythos - ie the books by H.P. Lovecraft, which will probably be one of the best game development experiences in my young career. Exciting stuff.

anyway here's his deviantart. Stormware.deviantart.com
brilliant stuff.

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