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Posted by djlyde on

We are looking for a story writer for a silent hill style/resident evil 4 game starter idea is with Haitian Voodoo from Louisiana. The main character should be of African American with Haitian heritage.
starting from some input / recommendations come.


The requirements are:
- follow directions
- good skill level
- good experience (at least 2 years of programming with unity)
- good knowledge of how making a survival
- good knowledge of how making a good story
- knowledge of - good knowledge of how create level game or cut scene description
- Good and must respond to email or chat and not "DISAPPEAR"
(Must give at least some news at week or on 2 week)
- we expect dedication and attention to this work
- can create cut scene dialog, explain the level and history well
- knowledge of how suspenseful survival horror games
- having played silent hill (Even better silent hill 2, silent hill 3, silent hill homecoming and resident evil )

Do not e-mail you write if you are not really interested, or to ask you if it is paid, because it is not, and I hope you do not think only about money, but for passion.

Must be at least to work for 10 hours a week, and respond within one day to the email about the project.

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