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Posted by NEWT Industries, Inc. on

Allright, Since My game is being runned on Multimedia fusion 2.5, which the game I title "Crack: The Original", I'm also a bit programmer but this makes me lazy.

I need to hire you to help me programm enemies, cartoony-like violance effects, and even pushing psychics. Anyway, It's kinda hard, because writting as Programming dosen't understand me about, but I'm learning a bit.
So, Where we are, I'm working on the recent project like "Crack: The Original" and new "Super Robotnik Land: 10th Anniversary Edition".

It's kinda makes me lazy, but anyway: I need you to help me finish this until, I'm leaving my games as unfinished. Well there are lot to do, You gotta go program enemies, copter vehicle level. and even automatic scrolling of course like if you want to escape from the edge.

And that's the last thing, There are things to do, to make my Game perfect and fell like a SNES, PS1 and even seem to be like Windows 95. (just because I remember my lost games like Earthworm or Jackrabbit) or Even I remember a Hedgehog, a Plumber, of course... Blue metal child and the Limbless!.

So, anyway that's all. Please contact under there:

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Contact: Komis405@gmail.com

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