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Posted by NEWT Industries, Inc. on

So, I couldn't animate my intro without my tablet of course, I've decided to help me to make a animated intro like somewhat a mid-90s Game like Braindead. so anyway. Acording to original creator of Crack series - Alexander also animated a intro for Crack (PS1\PC) but he didn't uploaded yet. But also the sprite animation without flash. Just like in another games that uses the in-game cutscene technique (as Acording to Original Creator for SEGA CD).

Of course I want to see how is done with it. I'm writting the story plot events, and editing the audio. There's something yet I could see, Crack's sprite has redesigned from the smaller Sonic-like sprite.

The next is the "Art" acording to orignal Crack creator, that also he's a artist and cartoonist since the late 70s who didn't published their cartoons yet. Crack's artwork style would be like: how Naoto Oshima drawn these artowrks for classic Sonic games. So I'm sure that the Animated cutscenes would be animated on Paper to seem like a 90s cartoon before flash and Toon Boom.

So anyway. Good Luck with your art.

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