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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Xolstice Works on

Needed: Everything. all i am is a writer, i got the ideas, but have no way to develop them into something real.

My Project is Ambitious, and will definitely test all of our skills.

It doesn't matter to me if your experienced or not, as we all start somewhere right? And this project of mine will hopefully help you out on building up yours skills. I am looking for people who are willing to work with others in accomplishing task that are needed to complete the goals of Xolstice Works, I need Fairly Active people who are willing to work hard.

But XW is not just there for its self, i also want us all to work together in completing the goals of our members.
If someone has an idea they want to work on, but cant do something, or lacks a certain skill, then that person has a place to come to when he or shee needs help.

this is what i aspire Xolstice Works to be.
a community of Programmers, artists, and many others, all with the goal of helping one another.

All positions are Unpaid for the moment, but as the team gets larger, and we have successful released projects, i fully intend to support and pay all members.

To Apply

Email me a resume at Xolstice.Works@gmail.com
I check every day, as i am eager for people to join and help

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