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Add job * WANTED* Unreal Engine Blueprint Programmer *PAID* at Boss Battle Entertainment

This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by BBEChitown on

I am looking for someone to join my small team of friends to help program a 2D Pixel Action Fantasy Side Scrolling Parallax video game for Console and PC. I am not a big company, Just a person chasing after a dream to make something great!

What were looking for:

As of right now, were are looking for someone to help us with the prototype of the game which is 2 Levels, 10 to 15 characters. if everything goes well in crowdfunding then we will have you join us to finish the rest of the game (if you would like).

Qualifications Needed
- Experience creating 2D platformers in Unreal Engine
- Experience in creating all types of Blueprints for Unreal Engine
- Willing to work as a team member and join us
- Patient and understanding
- Has an open schedule of at least 2 days a week to work on the game.

**If you have any other skills in game development such as Pixel art, Pixel Animation, Level Designing, Level art and animation, etc; please mention it in your email**

Lastly, I want to also mention that my budget at the current time is low so please let me know what you would charge to help us with the prototype of the game. Once our budget becomes better when we finish with crowdfunding, I could also discuss what I could offer for your services for the finish of the whole game.

Thank you for reading our poster and I hope to hear back from you soon!!

To Apply

Please email me your qualifications and your requirements!!