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Programmers located Anywhere.

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NOTE: This is a revenue share opportunity
HatchFox Studios is looking for an exceptional talented team to join on our “Athena” to develop a working prototype for the game. The candidates of the positions below need to demonstrate some understanding of industry standards as well as show interest in emerging trends in this field.
Athena development team is in need of the following:
· 3D Modeler (Hard Surface) / Texturing
- Good design sense in regards to Sci – Fi buildings, weapons and props.
- Strong understanding of workflows and techniques in regards to first person shooter weapon design
- Knowledge of making the asset game-ready to implement inside the engine
- Texture realistically
· Character Artist
- Creating humanoid character and Sci – Fi armors for both factions.
- Strong understanding of human anatomy
- Work closely with the Animator/Rigger to solve problems regarding the character
- Texture realistically
· Animator/Rigger
- Deliver animations for Unreal Engine 4
- Execute animations including polished animations, posing, reload weapon, knife kill etc.
- Understanding of FPS game animation and rigging
- Ability to troubleshoot problems and work closely with the Character Artist
· Environment Artist/Level Designer
- Create levels using pre-made assets
- Sculpt low poly and high poly in-game models based on original concepts
- Must cooperate with the other artist and designers
- Understand the Unreal Engine limitations regarding game environment design
- Setting up materials and shaders to achieve the best possible final quality
· UI/UX Designer
- Implement and polish pre-existing UI/HUD concept inside the Unreal Engine 4
- Good Graphics Design skills
- An eye for detail for Sci - Fi
- Ability to animate the UI
- Understanding of FPS game HUD
Unreal Engine Developer (C++)
- Develop new and improve existing blueprints for current project
- Contribute original ideas towards all aspects of development
- Provide technical leadership and assist with technical questions
- Work independently to complete the project with limited supervision
- Constantly analyze and optimize solutions
- Strong understanding of Unreal Engine limitations

To Apply

Please contact directly or through HatchFox Studios website Hatchfoxstudios.com

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