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We at Skull Jockey are currently looking for additional talent for our programming team. We are currently working on refining prototypes of our rudimentary game systems and would like to speed our process along (and better manage the workload) by bringing in more developer talent. One major area of talent we are seeking is in AI for NPCs and enemies.

**Note: This is not a paid position upfront. Rather, we are looking for funding through crowdfunding and seeking publisher assistance. Financial compensation for contribution will come should all go to plan.

Our game is being developed as a pixelated, open-level, isometric shooter that is story-focused and incorporates branching narratives and modifiable and upgradeable equipment. One of the core elements of gameplay is a focus on combat being not about killing the enemy but the challenge coming from player fragility and enemy resourcefulness. In the ideal playthrough, a player would have numerous options on how to interact with enemies, one approach would include plotting on how to manipulate the enemy AI based upon its reactive behavior (its tactics varying depending upon its last confrontation).

We are striving for AI that takes a page from the A-life system of the STALKER games and the adaptive approach of games such as ECHO, Alien: Isolation, and Metal Gear Solid V. There will be layers to it that while sounding complicated on paper, will be simple in building it up. We're talking groups of the same NPC faction/type that have their own schedules and routes and wander around with their own objectives (visit camp A, check on intersection B, patrol road C) that vary depending upon triggers; AI with different sets of behaviors that change depending upon how the last actor (player or other AI) interacted with them--behaviors such as being cautious, scouting out, using different tactics in confrontation (rush the target, pin down target while allies flank, or push and pull the target by trying to tease its attention), using different equipment, etc.

Skull Jockey is currently an indie team running on a shoe-string budget as we develop a vertical slice demo of our debut title to push to indie-friendly publishers and a more complete demo for the public. Through a few methods of crowdfunding and publisher assistance (should we find one interested), we hope to financially compensate our contributors as contractors and prepare funding for the next phase of what will be a two phase project, our debut title being phase one. The second phase, should all go well, will be a project of a commercial caliber.

If you are interested or would like to know more, send us an email with your resume (as a .docx, .doc, .rtx, or .pdf) and a portfolio of past work (preferably online). You can reach as at projectnoodleman@gmail.com.

To Apply

Please send all inquiries, resumes, and portfolios to projectnoodleman@gmail.com

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