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Hello there,

I am an artist with a dream to make a 2D action based platformer. I have the main character, enemies, and general level designs figured out, I just have one problem – looking at lines of code makes my eyes hurt and my brain cry. That’s where you would come in!

My personal experience with game design is limited – I have done artwork for small 2D projects before, so I know how to approach it on my end, but they never ended up really going anywhere. Also, my plan for this game will start off very small. My first goal is only to have a rough character, and a rough enemy. Then, we can slowly build on top of that piece by piece, until we either hit one of two inevitabilities – the game fails (this game has been my brain child/dream project /golden ticket, so I hope it won’t come to that) or TA-DA – a pretty finished game ready to play and everything. It will take time though – I don’t see any physical way this won’t take over a year at the very very least, considering I am working full time in addition to my art. Of course I can’t legally force you to stay from start to finish, but it certainly would be nice :)

My goal in the immediate future for now is to have a two man (or woman) dream team. Think of it like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, but instead of robbing banks, I supply the art and sprites and background work, and you handle the coding work to bring them to life. Like I said earlier, I have a pretty good idea for what I want for the most part, but I am always open to suggestions and ways it could be improved, or changes that could only be seen when the gameplay is live. In the future we can expand the crew as needed (and probably will need to) but I’d like to keep it small for now. From my limited knowledge of Unity, I don’t think anything I am looking for currently is too unrealistic for someone with at least a half decent experience, but then again I’m not the best judge of that.

Some things that I would really like to be able to implement in the immediate to near future

- Tight platforming controls for the playable character that is mobile and agile

- Various enemies with multiple attack types

- the ability to add filters and other effects to make the environment look cinematic

- Multiple skins for the playable character, that each have slightly different stats and abilities. Some are faster, some with higher health etc. this probably won’t come up for a while in development, but it is a very important factor I want to implement

Gameplay and story:

This is a fantasy type game, that tells the story of two ancient cities that have been violently feuding for decades, and features an aspiring soldier who one day discovers a mysterious amulet that unlocks a deep hidden magic that has been lost to the ages. Story wise, I have way, way more than that planned out, but I don’t want to get way too ahead of myself and give the entire story away when I don’t even have any playable footage. Just know that the story is not as generic and cut and dry as the sample text shows, and in fact will have unexpected twists and turns. Also, don’t let my light hearted text and personality fool you. This game has a serious drama type tone to it and deals with issues mostly regarding war, loss, and the such :)

Combat wise, the character will be very quick and use the environment to her advantage. she can jump, along with a dashing attack diagonally, and a dodging attack laterally, to put it simply. I Included a link to a video I threw together featuring some test animations for a small sample of the gameplay, and threw an old digital painting I did in the back of it in order to prove I can actually draw.


Obviously the more you work on this project with myself, and the more that gets developed, the more you will learn about the story, plot and what I am looking for gameplay wise.

please include any links to anything you have done with Unity or your experience with it. I don’t necessarily need a full polished game to consider you, but if you don’t have any kind of experience at all you will really need to wow me.

Also no matter how this project ends up, I want to compensate a fellow creator for their time and effort. Just remember that at the moment, that would all have to come out of my own wallet, so don’t expect to be coming into this for the money, at least for now. in the future if it is going well I would like to maybe have a kickstarter, but that’s pretty far down the road for now.

Best of luck to everyone who is interested, and hopefully if you are selected you will soon have the same passion and interest for this project as I do! Because in the end that’s what this is really all about. That and having some nice experience for the ol’ resume

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Thank you for reading all of my post. if you are interested and think you would be a good fit, please feel free to reach out to me through this email


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