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Posted by captainprobeard on

I am in search of a team to help me build an action/adventure game with light RPG elements. I will go into further detail upon receiving one's application.

At this time, I have had to do all the programming and graphics myself, and am in need of a team in order to get this game in good enough shape to present to publishers and/or Kickstarter. If you have programming skills and are familiar with Unity, please do contact me. This will become a paid position as soon as funding is available.

One's role, if hired, is to aid me in cleaning up the current coding within the project, help establish animator controllers to become more responsive, and, of course, further shape the game by aiding in programming enemy AI, armor and weapon upgrading, interacting with other characters and items, and a few other things as they become necessary.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that this project will be kept as simple and concise as possible in order to shorten the development cycle. The game will be a low-polygon, Toon-style action-adventure that blends many elements of different types of adventure games into a single experience. Though the title will be simplistic in design, it will be large in ambition!

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Send a resume to domin8ionstudios@gmail.com

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