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Hello, we are Evermore Shore.

We are developing a third person horror game called Bodies Filled with Flowers (title is subject to change). The game is very reminiscent of classic and cult classic horror games that came out around the turn of the century, but different and unique enough to be it's own thing.

Project Concept:

The game follows Emily who has dreamed how she will die, but has forgotten what lead to her death. She only knows where she will die and how she will die. The player follows her obsession with her mortality and the anxiety of thinking every action she takes will lead to her demise. Whether the dream becomes reality, is up for the player to find out.

Job Requirements:

We need someone who has very extensive knowledge when it comes to the graphical portion of UE4. We envision the game having quasi-retro graphics. You get the feeling and the sort of look from playing a PS2/Gamecube game yet you can tell it's a modern game. A good sweet spot of retro and modern graphics. We took a lot of inspiration when modelling our characters from Silent Hill 3, Rule of Rose, and REmake. You can skim through a video or go through some images to get a good idea of where we are coming from and what inspired us.

We have some other requirements as well:

  • Able to provide assets and work in a reasonable amount of time
  • Min. 2 years of experience with UE4
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have worked on a project before (Personal, Contract, or previous Full Time/Part Time project)
  • A showreel or portfolio of said previous work

Payment will be discussed, but besides your normal payment, there is a base 0.2% revenue share, and it can increase depending on quality of work.

We're excited to see your application, and potentially have you aboard on our project!

To Apply

Send us an email at career@evermoreshore.com

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