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Posted by Deuzspark Studio on

I am looking for people to take lead on the Arts side for an atypical ARPG/Sim game made with Unreal Engine 4.

The game takes place in a gothic/steampunk dystopian universe where a mysterious matter of condensed energy has brought humanity's greatest technologies and finally caused a cataclysmic event bringing in infernal beasts from otherworldly astral planes.

The world is now run by some religious orders, sects and guilds. The player after being exiled from the main city, join a guild that aim to help those in need and take part in the economy of the badlands.

The player will select a profession for his character then will produce items from raw/transformed resources, will defend himself(and his domain) from monsters and enemies, take procedural generated quest from the inhabitant around the huge open world, slay monsters and loot procedural generated dungeons for wealth as he gain levels, skills, equipment to finally makes his way at the top of the guild.

The game is still in preproduction with a prototype in the making. The game will be based around the idea of Game As A Service (in an agile way) and so will be made available in early access with a MVP(minimum viable product) with ongoing monthly updates adding new features, community requests, events, fixes, etc.

The above info about the game are really slim, more will be disclosed for the ones joining the adventure!

As i said above if you have great skills in one of those, this would be great:

  • 3D Arts
  • 2D Arts (my worst skillset)

But every skills are welcome!

The first goal is to have fun making this together and the second is to make a freaking good game.

I cannot guarantee any payment during preproduction but there's a plan for production's funding. If you want to get in at preprod i am open to different possibilities, if not i will update at production with new informations and requirements!

Thank you for your time! :)

To Apply

Contact me at vincent.roy@deuzsparkstudio.com, no resume? Just send me your portfolio and/or something about your work and knowledge.

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