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Programmers located Anywhere, USA, UK, Canada, Japan,.

Posted by Xris_teamUMPDev on

Hello my name is Xris, I am here developing a multi genre game on the unreal engine 4 it's called "Project R". If you want to improve your programming skills in a voluntary project (Not Paid and no budget), this is the right place for you. We would like to make this as fun for everyone.

Project R is a game that mixes a few genres together into one unique experience while also having a story driven narrative that grabs your attention but there is also enough freedom for the players where it doesn't feel too cramped like a lot of games out there, there are many elements like stealth, Action, some Rpg elements and etc.

This game has been influenced by other games, such as Metal gear Solid, Final Fantasy as well as anime and etc, that is our inspiration for the project.


Ever changing scenarios and intense situations. Unique story lines and unforgettable characters.

Open ended levels.

World Map

Party system.

Skill tree system.

First person and 3rd person view points.

Non-lethal and Lethal combat choices.

Sword and gun combat.

Windows OS support.

What you need:
1) A discord Account.
2) Ability to work cooperatively with others.
3) The ability to get work done at least once a week
4) Preferably Knowledge of C++ languages and blueprint

What you get:
1) Learning with the team.
2) Great job experience.
3) A fun game for everybody to play and enjoy.

To Apply

If you would like to join this fun project please leave a comment below and email me @ theredbossgaming@gmail.com

Anywhere, USA, UK, Canada, Japan,
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