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Artists located Anywhere.

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my name is Mehmet Kont and i want create a short introduction RPG-game.
(optional continue, if game get public interests)

To my person, i have no experience and also made never a real game.
Right now i am working with UE4 - Tutorials to learn concepts.
One concept is work sharing and therefor i am here.


Story/Dialogue Writer
Level Designer
Particle System maker
Audio / Music maker

What you get

Profit share, if game get public interest.
Portfolio / Showcase Material. Important because almost all experienced
game maker ask for that. (I don't ask but got time limit)
Fame/Identification. Don't underestimate this.
And i hope also fun and new experience.

What we will do

Story Writer will write us a story and dialogues for our 3D-RPG game, based on Infinity Blade Collection Assets from UE4, which is free.
Level Designer creates the first Level with Infinity Blade assets or other free assets. (Example: InfinityBladeGrassLands Map)
Programmer: depends (Blueprints/Code, GUI, Inventory, Optimization ...)
Particle System maker creates particles for effects (fight or landscape)
Audio / Music maker for ambient music and sounds.
Modeler for additional assets and Blueprint creation.
Animator for animations and motion effects.

Our final result is only a short episode of max 3 levels with
questing, talking, fighting, walking and trading.


Game Engine : UE4
Assets : Infinity Blade Collection (as base)
Source Control : open Git Hup
Contact : E-Mail / Git Hup comments, TeamSpeak


Time Limit : 5 days. (Prototype 1-3 days + final result 1-2 days)

Important !!!
Don't join if you have no time. Most underestimate time and 5 days time limit is very hard for non professionals. You will work probably every day. My goal is to get pro and we need work in time. For example if this game get public interest so we have to do additional 10 - 20 levels. And now you can see that even 5 days is a bad time.

But don't worry all works fine when you work all day and finish the prototype in 3 days. And for larger tasks we do splitting.

To Apply

If you think you have time and can work every day to accomplish your tasks, then send me a mail with all your questions to medialcore@hotmail.de

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