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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Legend Gaming Studio on

Hi, my name is Prince John and I am looking for a team of fantasy rpg and game lovers to help bring a very ambitious project off the ground.

Game Details:

Title: The Surnos Project

Dimensions: 2D

Engine: Godot

About: The Surnos Project is a game which reimagines and revamps the familiar mechanics and systems found in old and modern Fantasy RPGs.

With completely overhauled combat, crafting, skill and character systems, dynamic inventory and environments I hope to change the landscape of RPG games as a genre and kickstart an era of innovation.

Worldly Narrative: As a story focused single-player game, I have also changed the way stories are told in games. The characters in the game are affected by the changes in the world around them, they are not the center of the universe, they have to navigate a world that does not to care if they die. No more character unique powers (unless it’s part of the narrative), no more special treatment for what would be a spec in a real universe.

Project Details:

What I need:

Programmers – GDScript or C#

Concept Artists – Characters, Environments, Props (Weapons, Armours, Accessories etc.)

Writers – Story, Quests, Characters

Co-Designers/Directors – Levels, World, Story, Cutscenes,

2D artists – Sprites, Icons, Visual Effects Animations

What I offer:

Creative Director/Project Lead – I will be overseeing the progress made on the game's development front and make sure that we are staying true to the game’s vision.

Head Narrative Writer – I will write the main stories for the game and some of the cutscenes and dialogue, I will also be writing the key locations and characters. I will oversee the other writers’ work and give feedback appropriate to staying as close to the vision as I can.

What I Require:

At minimum 15-20 Hours Weekly

Quality Assets and Work



Weekly Meetings to discuss the progress and give feedback.

Constructive and straightforward criticism and feedback. No destructive tendencies allowed.

Meeting Deadlines. Sending resources straight to me and co-designers upon completing task. Making changes based on accepted feedback, whether individual or team based.

Free Voicing of Opinions. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and thoughts on the game in general or specific topics, however, I will not tolerate back-fighting and the shutting down of other people’s opinions. If we are to be a team, we must respect each other at all times.

Free Voicing of Ideas. Whether in meetings or sharing documents, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas on the game’s vision, mechanics and systems, narrative or any other aspect of the game, it can be small or large, simple or complex.


There are two ways in which the game will be funded. If the game gets funding via crowdfunding all developers will get a percentage of the money and the rest will go towards resources for the game (music, contract work etc.) There will also be revenue sharing upon launch of the game.

If a publisher takes the game under their wing, all developers will be payed for every milestone reached and the rest of the funds will go towards resources for the game. The developers will also get revenue share, but for a shorter period than the crowdfunding option (seeing as platform and publisher fees will have to be paid).

Timeline –

A prototype of most major systems should be ready in 8-10 months which will encompass all of the key systems and mechanics of the game. After a source of funding is acquired the game should take another 24-48 months to be completed. Of course, all of these numbers are inflated for a few reasons:

Work Time – the deadlines will be relaxed due to the fact that the beginning of the project is unpaid.

Team Size – though I want to keep the team size relatively small (10-15 members) until funding is achieved (moreso publisher funding) it will start off slow in the beginning because the team will be small.

Safety Net – anything can happen at any time, so this is to compensate for any delays.

With all of that being said, these numbers will most likely change as the game is being created (the main purpose is to give a bit of perspective).

To Apply

Interested? If you are interested in the game you can email me your portfolio and resume: legendgamingstudio4@gmail.com or contact me via discord: Prince#3141 - Serious Inquiries only.

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