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Level Designers located Anywhere, based in the US.

Posted by Skrelle_Studios on

Hello, Skrelle Studios is currently seeking to fill some positions so we can start developing the demo for our first indie game!

Who we are:

We are a small upcoming team of people, passionate about art, unique gameplay, and narrative-driven games. Each member has unique skill sets, outlooks, and always brings something new to the table. We are really passionate, not only about games but also in dedication and hard work. While the idea of our current title has been around for a while, we finally were able to band together, working down to the details on something that we all love. For new team members, we would also expect the same amount of work ethic, and we'd love to be challenged through the process. Detail-oriented is a must, and new team members should always be willing to bring in new ideas and challenge the old ones, till every element of the game is polished and perfected.


Skrelle is an upcoming indie title focusing on the development of the self. The game will follow our protagonist as they embark on a journey to free the land from the tyranny of The Witch, an ancient entity. However, they will learn that freedom comes at a cost, and that which develops the soul may also have malicious intent to bend it to its will.

The game will be developed as a 2D hand-animated Metroidvania, featuring everything from tight platforming controls and abilities to unique environments and characters. The primary focus of the game will be the gameplay and art but still maintaining deep-seated lore and narrative through visual storytelling. Think along the lines of Ori and the blind forest, Dead cells, and Hollow Knight.

The goal of the project is to get all the groundwork done; we want all the map layouts and designs to be ready for development. However, only platforming and enemies for areas 1-3 will be completed. From here, the team will focus our efforts on developing these areas, completely and all the way through. This will serve as our demo for the game and will contain 1-2 hours of gameplay and exploration. This will be released alongside our Kickstarter for people to play, giving them the ability to get a taste of what the game will be like and hopefully supporting us further to finish it in its entirety.

If chosen for one of the open positions, the entirety of the game document and lore will be released to you, obviously, we must keep somethings to ourselves for now! Most of the groundwork has been completely laid out, we have worked hard to develop the world and characters, now it just comes down to putting it all together.

Positions open:

POSITIONS FILLED 0/2 Programmers (we will be using unity, so C++ or C#)

POSITIONS FILLED 0/1 2D Artist (animation knowledge preferred)

2/2 Level Designers (knowledge of Metroidvania's and platformers preferred)


We are expecting most of the compensation to come through the Kickstarter, given the budget of the game alongside additional milestones. However, we'd like to compensate hardworking people and their skills, this will further be discussed but we are coming up with ways to help out anyone who joins the team.

The timeline will be 3-6 months for the development of the Demo, then the Kickstarter will be released.

To Apply

Send your portfolio or resume to Spirit2quilgmail.com
Or feel free to message me on Discord! Spirit2quil#7662

Anywhere, based in the US
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