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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Artists located Anywhere (ideally Donostia-San Sebastian, SPAIN).

Posted by JMAA on

Currently I'm working on this game called TriHard, an oldschool politically incorrect FPS game inspired by the likenesses of Build Engine games like Duke3D, Blood or Shadow Warrior and being 100x better than Ethnic Cleansing in every single term.


You are the white nationalist undercover homegrown terrorist known as Johann Weisse, he probably has watched 384 times the footage from the New Zealand Christchurch shooting, god knows, and keeps secretly at home a handgun and biological warheads. Killing machine numero uno, yet wasted potential when he keeps getting absolutely cucked with his normal, mundane life in the European city, with a minimum wage job. But he's got serious coo-coo trouble in his head as well. Suddenly, you happen to watch your Twatter feed as you hear the news of a declaration from the big fatso billionaire himself, George Solus, the Monopoly Jewish Man who runs the Open Borders Foundation, with 1,000 NGO's under its command, and who recently made a deal from Israel with the President of the United States Andrew York. After a decade of pouring in middle-eastern and african “refugees” into the Western world under his own Clown World agenda, he made a deal with the UN to wipe out every single “white goyim” in the planet, using paid antifa agents, hired weaponized prehistoric mongrels and the JDF. Shots can be heard from your house as you realized that your father, who was minding his own fucking business watching classical music on TV, is in danger after some antifa retards break into your house. Chaos runs the streets. Whitey ain't safe anymore anywhere in the world, and you gotta put a stop to the plans of the **** of Solus.


Currently the game is as early in stages as in concept art and a bit of self-made GZDoom code, I procastinated a bit too long for now, but I can hopefully keep grinding this thing as soon as other things get out of my way (such as IRL problems or other projects I'm taking care of)


Sprites and textures for the game, including enemies, weapons, wall textures, wall decorations, floors, etc.


  1. Not recommended to work on this project if you're not on its political leaning
  2. Do not send me crappy MSPaint cutesy crap over here, I know the game must be celshaded as in Monkey Island 3, but I need Duke3D tier graphics here.
  3. Respect my aesthetic line (provided with my own concept art)
  4. Be based and redpilled, Sargon of Akkad style

To Apply

Send me your portfolio and resume to juanmtheripper[at]gmail[dot]com

Anywhere (ideally Donostia-San Sebastian, SPAIN)
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