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Job Summary
Lonely Elf is seeking a gameplay programmer to act as senior developer that will edit and create scripts be used in C# to be implemented in the Unity game engine.
The Senior Developer will be responsible for all of the code that is added to the game while the Senior Developer is working on the project. This will include all of the code written by the Senior Developer and any other programmer on the team.
The selected candidate will need to, at the very least, be a student proficient in object-oriented programming.

Work with the Team Lead and other team members long-distance, over Discord
Create scripts for driving gameplay and other systems in Devout
Communicate effectively with the team to fulfill the game's functionality

Qualifications and Skills
Experience with Unity or an equivalent engine
Experience with gameplay and user interface programming
Must be a Computer Science student or alumni or have equivalent training and skill

Communication skills
Ability to work with Lonely Elf Team Lead, former team lead, level designers, and possibly other members
Ability to translate an idea of a game mechanic into functional code
The ability to learn new programming disciplines and implement a wide range of features and functionality in a game
Ability to oversee and instruct other programmers

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