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Quip Studios (https://quip-studios.com) is seeking a dedicated and talented Unity Developer for Penguin Quest - an educational two-dimensional platform game. The objective of the game is to follow the march of a penguin through Antarctica.

Why Work with Us on this Project?

- The game has a well-defined scope and the tasks for you would be clearly defined. This means that your hard work will result in a game that is submitted to Steam for consideration. In fact, we are targeting a submission date of December 31, 2018.

- Even though the tasks would be well-defined, we would provide you with the creative freedom to have a significant impact on the overall game. None of the levels have been completed, so it is a great opportunity to lead this effort from a clean slate.

- Quip Studios has an established infrastructure so you can focus on Unity development. For example, we have a Trello board with our tasks, Slack for team collaboration, GitHub for source control repository, etc.

What Would I be Doing?

The objective of this platform game is to control a penguin in their quest to find a mate through Antarctica. We have identified 8 levels that we would like to include in the first release; therefore, tasks would be to develop the levels using the Corgi Engine source code (already purchased):

1. Develop levels (enemy NPCs, environment, etc.).
2. Develop world map.
3. Develop user interface (title screen, credits screen, etc.).

This is a volunteer position; therefore, we would not expect you to work a certain number of hours during the week or attend mandatory meetings. The motivation should be to have your name in the credits section of the game and your art displayed in a game that will be submitted to Steam (and, hopefully, approved).

We hope that you find this to be an interesting opportunity and we look forward to working with you!

To Apply

Send a resume to carlos.marchani@quip-studios.com.

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