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Posted by LeviathanT96 on

Hello, I am looking for an artist(s) who would be able to dedicate their time to create the art for a game I am designing. This game I'm creating is for a final in school. It is not a very large game, so I am not asking for an extensive amount of work to be put in. I am looking for someone who would be able to create 32x32 pixel art characters with animations. I'm also looking for someone that can create a tile set for the game. Someone who would be able to create backgrounds, title screens, and win or lose screens.

The game is based on a charity, The Nature Conservancy. I am designing the game the be a platformer/shooter so if you specialize in that type of art, perfect! If and when you contact me I will send you the game proposal I was assigned to create to give you a better understanding of the game and the characters. The deadline for this final is June 11th. I will need all the art finished before 11:59 P.M that day.

If anyone would be willing to help me out that would be greatly appreciated because I would like to put original art within the game instead of ripping stuff off the internet. You will be accredited for all work done on the game, I will be taking no responsibility for the hard work you put in. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!

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If you're interested please email me at levimtena@yahoo.com

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