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Posted by KraykonDevelopment on

Hi! We are a group of indie developers trying to make a living by making games. Currently, we are 7 working on our project(including me). We are currently making a Battle royal game, which is based on a whole new concept. We are planning to make this game until the end of this year if everything goes as planned. In terms of how far we have gotten into the project, you could say that we have a team of 4 working constantly on coding. The majority of coding is done, with a few exceptions of course. You could say the only thing missing are well put together 3d objects such as characters and some weapons but also animations.

If you would like to search for this position we will do a rev-share type payment, We are really dedicated and we hope some of you are interested in this job.

What we need:
We are in urgent need of an animator. Your job will simply be to animate 3D objects such as character and weapons. Also if you have any modeling skills, tell us in the mail.

Also if you are a level designer, feel free to contact us as well! Your job will be to create the environment and design of the game, together with others of course. Also, the Engine used is Unity
(more information will, of course, be given if contacted)

We really hope, you are interested since we are super excited to bring another member in!

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely Kraykon-Team!

To Apply

Send a mail to kraykondevs@hotmail.com

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