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Level Designers located Anywhere, Europe preferred.

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My name is Martin. I'm an experienced part-time game programmer and designer and also the leader of our small team of developers, responsible for an upcoming Sci-Fi game Deep Space Downfall. The game consists of a good mix of survival, exploration, action and sandbox.

The game
In Deep Space Downfall, you play as an astronaut in not so far future, who is left stranded on an uncharted alien planet, after an unknown cause turned a routine scientific survey mission into a crash landing.

You'll have to survive in the alien environment. You have to find edible food, clean water and make breathable air. The game takes place in an open world divided into several areas. Some are lush and full of life while others are deserted and unforgiving.

In order to find a way back home, you have to explore this unknown world. On your travels, you can find supplies, food, interesting landmarks and learn about this planet's story and mysterious past. You don't seem to be the first one to step foot here, however whoever did before is now long gone...
Sometimes you will have to fight your way in or out. Some of this world's life forms are not so keen on having you around.

You will need a place to call home during your involuntary stay on this planet. Luckily, not all technology that arrived with you is destroyed, and you can use it to build your base and create new equipment. As you progress throughout the game, you will recover more and more of your technology, which in turn will enable you to create more advanced infrastructure.

Our plan
Our plan is to produce about 40 original assets for the first release, along with crafting the central area of the game world, and proving a part of the story related to this area. For some more generic parts of the game environment, we have already purchased several asset packs, which we are modifying, in order to create a more unique environment. We plan to expand on the number of professional purchased assets as the development progresses. While this decreases the originality of the game somehow, we are aware that this is the only way to make this otherwise ambitious goal more reachable and real.

After publishing the first release, we plan to continue expanding the game with free updates, always introducing new areas, structures, items, or other gameplay elements.

As a World designer, you will be responsible for designing and developing the game's open world environment in Unreal Engine 4, while also helping queue world-related assets for production. This includes populating landscapes with foliage and props, creating scenes for landmarks or important areas, and helping select which assets should the art team work on next or which ones should be purchased if possible. If possible, you would also be helping with creating the world's landscape in World Machine, or manually editing WM outputs in UE4 (while this is a huge plus, it is not compulsory).

Our team currently consists of 8 passionate members skilled in multiple fields of the development process. We don't work on a fixed time schedule and the amount of work depends on each team member's decision however, we still have weekly (or other time-wise) limits that should always be met unless unexpected circumstances prevent to do so.
We deeply value creativity and commitment, which are the back bone of this whole project.

The game is not public yet however, here is a selection of in-game screenshots and concept art to fuel your interest:

To Apply

Are you interested in this project? Send me an email to mato.hrehor@gmail.com !
Introduce yourself a bit and provide samples of your previous work.

Anywhere, Europe preferred
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