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Posted by MrZentronox on

Hello fellow deviants, me along with a team of 4 other people are working on a 2D Tower Defense RPG Hybrid set in a high fantasy medieval universe. The project is called 'Equilibrium'.

We are looking for someone to fulfill either the role of a character artist that will be creating dialogue characters and sprites which will be featured in the dialogue sections of the game and the gameplay sections or an environment artist who's role will be to create beautiful scenic backgrounds which will accompany certain dialogue sections to immerse the player into that dialogue scene.

This project is definitely a long term project, if I had to give a number I'd say probably around 2 years, for now the project will remain an unfunded project, until we feel comfortable with a demo and trailer to start a kickstarter campaign with, however for those who join our team now, will have a hefty amount of revenue share once we release the game.

We are all extremely passionate about this project and work closely as a team.


This is a link to some of our concepts for you, the reader to see, if you think the art style is within your skill level and you've been wanting to be a part of something huge do let me know as we have a seat with your name written on it! :) I can personally be contacted on www.adian1@gmail.com (That's the best way to contact me) or on discord at Zentronox#0661.

- Adian

To Apply

Send me an email on www.adian1@gmail.com !

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