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Add job [RevShare] [Unity] Looking for programmer, UI artist, animator and 3d artist at ExiledThunder Productions

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by ExiledThunder Productions on

Hey everyone, I am Mark and I am the founder of ExiledThunder Productions and previously developed Shadowy Contracts solo. I am now looking to expand the team with serious and experienced individuals that are looking to work on a game that has a chance in today's very competitive market.

The game is a multiplayer 3d RPG with a realistic art (the art style might change). It is developed using Unity.

The game is a fantasy type world game with swords, bows, and magic. Players will be able to choose between classes and play in a team of 5 players against another team to collect gold by completing challenges, killing monsters, or other players. There will be multiple classes, a talent tree and other item drops to add variability to the game.

Available Roles:

Programmer (1/2) (experienced in multiplayer/Mirror)

3d artist (2/3)

2d artist (0/1) (UI and icons)

Animator (0/1)

Game Designer (1/1)

Writer (1/1)

Sound Designer (1/1)

Here are some of the models and concept art created so far.

This is a revenue sharing project and the revenue will be calculated by the amount of work done by each person.

To Apply

Please send your resume or experience to marknasr@outlook.com or add me on Discord itsnottme#0607

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