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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by ExiledThunder Productions on

Hey everyone, I am Mark and I am the founder of ExiledThunder Productions and previously developed Shadowy Contracts solo. I am now looking to expand the team with serious and experienced individuals that are looking to create a game that has a chance in today's very competitive market.

The game is planned to be a multiplayer 3d RPG with a realistic art. It will be developed using Unity.

This will be a fantasy type world game with swords, bows, and magic. Players will navigate together through a dungeon with many floors and kill monsters to level up and get better equipment and spells. The players can keep going and get stronger, but if they die their progress will reset.

Available Roles:

Programmer (1/2)

3d artist (4/5)

animator (1/2)

2d artist (0/1) (UI and icons)

Concept Artist (2/2)

Game Designer (1/1)

Audio Designer (1/1)

Writer (1/1)

Marketer (1/1)

This is a revenue sharing project and the revenue will be calculated by the amount of work done by each person. Tasks will be assigned in meetings with the amount of work needed for each one.

To Apply

Please send your resume or experience to marknasr@outlook.com or add me on Discord itsnottme#0607

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