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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Hi guys I am a 2D artist and wish to make a digital card game but unfortunately I have no idea how to code or program. Game mechanics have been thought of and designed already, most art for the card is almost complete, hoping to look for a programmer who might be interested in bringing these cards to life.

Quick summary of the game:
It is a collectible card game having mechanics similar to Hearthstone where you deploy units having their own stats and skills to defeat your opponents.
Setting is in a medieval fantasy setting
Card types are divided into three which are Unit cards, Spell Cards, and Support Cards, Art style is drawn in a chibi anime style samples can be found at Instagram.com.

Game story is still being developed
And of course I am open to all sorts of suggestions.

Since the game will be for free, profit would be earn through selling of card decks or booster packs.

Hope to work with any one who might be interested to join, any one with any level of experience is welcomed..:)

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If you have any questions or need some clarifications just email me at ethanbaduathai@gmail.com

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