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Posted by Strutin on

Have you ever got multiplayer networked in UE4? We did only to find out what we did in the editor didn’t work in standalone. What the? So, we realize we need to bring someone else in, at least part-time to help us sort this out. We are promising our viewers that they will be able to play our game, but we still can’t get it quite right. None of us are multiplayer networking guys, (so that could be why). You can do this part-time as it fits into your schedule.

We have a deep refreshing gameplay, that is really coming together well, proving again what we accomplished in our first prototype. We are breaking new ground. We need someone with a programming mindset, to help us bring all of the function online. Someone who can review our work and clean things up to ‘just work’. Our testers are getting fanatical about getting into the game!

Share your experiences and stories, and let’s see if we can make this work. I promise you’ll learn some incredible things. You’ll be exposed to our cutting-edge gameplay. You’ll be better, and hopefully far richer for this experience.

You will work remotely from your own studio location. You will track your time accordingly in our time logger. Revenue will split based on your completed work share. We have an Agreement process for our pre-funding stage and have designed a virtual goods exchange to allow you to liquidate your time investment into cash once the game App is ready.

About the Company

IMU Studios is working to harvest a fresh revolution in the video game industry. Our game design is meant to shake up and disrupt our competition to the core. Drawn from what gamers believe is going in the wrong direction. Early tests revealed that we have unique original gameplay that gamers find attractive, and addictive to be loyal to long-term.

As advised by Amazon, we openly share our game development process in our live-streams and at anticipated reveal events with our team, testers, and partners. Where game development was once hidden, IMU pulls back the veil and shares our process. Gamers come to know our team, following and commenting on every stage as the game is created. Our community is closely engaged and their feedback considered in each aspect of game development, thus putting this epic vision directly into our players’ control.

Our AAA project has both a mobile item exchange application design and a fresh and exciting AAA FPS 3D game that work together in harmony. IMU Studios is a start-up company owning a mature Intellectual Property. This is made up of a thoughtfully-designed, first-person, open-world video game with RPG elements, a pro-league seasonal playoff system, a deep story as told across novels, adding stories told around the campfires in the game. Planned animated graphic novel series, virtual goods players can buy, sell and trade, all set to original music. Together, we are making a thrilling prototype drawn from our design, our lore and our characters, all built on this beautiful Unreal Video Game Engine.

IMU Studios was founded in September of 2000 when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry that crossed market lines. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful inspiring mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. Our mission is to create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as players. We help gamers earn a profit on every purchase they make in our game.

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