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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Misa Game Studios

Welcome! We are Misa Game Studios! We are a new indie studio looking to develop and release our first game! To do that we need you, that's right, you! There are many job opening and many new opputunities for creativty at our studio.

Our first Project: Sploit OS

Sploit OS is set to be an adventure/puzzle game inside of a futuristic office where you look to solve the past and discover whats to be of the future. Solve puzzles by hacking your environment and find out the truth. Do beware, some things are not as they seem. Use the data, but don't let it use you. Someone may be working against you. Interested? Read on and apply!

Applicants Needed:

We are looking for both experienced and fresh talent alike! Do you have what it takes to join our team?

Level Designers - know how to make environments and levels that are beautiful, memorable and easily navigated? Please apply!


  • Comfortable with the Unity Engine
  • Knows what makes good levels
  • Well optimized level layout
  • Work well with others
  • Be responsible and get work done
  • Work off a schedule
  • Take breaks and relax!
  • Portfolio or Resume [preferred, not required]

To Apply

Applications registered via: discord.gg/S9pPDze

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